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Mirte Maas Is Tickled

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Swimming with Sharks: Jason Heaton introduces us to a new favorite sports watch—the 1967 Doxa Sharkhunter. [Gear Patrol]

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Triple Diamond and Counting: A tour of Austria’s Hahnenkamm—the world’s most dangerous ski run—with video of some of its more gruesome falls. For the stern of heart only. [Deadspin]

Fare Thee Well: And in honor of Joseph E. Brooks, who made Lord & Taylor what it is and passed away last week, we thought we’d pass along a profile of the man himself. A lot to learn here. [NYMag]

The Lighter


Our friends at UD turned us on to the newly unveiled Woodlands Co. online shop, and it happens to have one of our favorite lighters in stock.

It’s called the IMCO Super lighter, an Austrian art deco device from the early 20s that’s been in continuous production ever since. Nearly everything’s replaceable—the fluid, of course, but also the flint, the wick and the tank itself. And since it disassembles so easily, it’s a handy item to have for camping—or any other situation in which you need to douse something in lighter fluid...

But mostly camping.