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In Which a Jetpack Races a Car

We’ve been jetpack aficionados since The Rocketeer, but for the most part, science has not obliged us. Great minds have been pushing against the idea since the ’60s, but the dream of a backpack-powered commute has yet to be realized.

But as of this week, we’ve got the next best thing: a jetpack racing a car.

It took place on 400 meters of the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, against a Renault Mégane RS. The pack in question only has 30 seconds of fuel, so it had to be a short race—but it’s still one of the coolest things we’ve seen all year.

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The Horse Shoe

Horse Shoe

“Alligator” doesn’t always mean alligator. In the case of this pair of laceups from Australia’s Horse Shoes, it means a woven pattern that’s one of the cooler leatherworking tricks we’ve seen all year. The bad news: they aren’t shipping for another three weeks—giving you time to find a sufficiently forward-thinking pair of white jeans.

The Bushman’s Raingear


It pays to be prepared.

In spring, that means rain. And not just rain: a full-scale monsoon, accompanied by biblical eruptions of wind, lightning and thunder. Your umbrella won’t stand a chance.

The best solution (other than, you know, staying inside) is an enormous, knee-length waterproof coat, kind of like this one from Australia’s Kakadu. It’s roughly their equivalent of the British Barbour coat—only much, much tougher.

It’s reinforced wherever water might leak in, including two linebacker-style patches over the shoulders and an extra flap to cover up the zipper. And since that adds up to a lot of waxed cotton, it might be the heaviest thing in your closet. Use it well.

Clink Chic


The Sydney Police department just let loose a cache of 20s-era mug shots, showing off a surprising quantity of three-piece suits and grenadine ties. Aussie criminals are pretty snappy dressers, it turns out.

This gent in particular caught our eye for his shoulder-to-shoulder lapels and reckless use of pomade. We like to think he got sent up for some kind of globe-spanning real estate scheme…



There are a lot of bags out there, but we’ve always thought less was more. Which means if you’ve got a bundle with you—maybe a few books, a notebook and an iPod—it may be easier to strap them together into an easy-to-carry brick, possibly with this Australian device. It’s a minimal solution, sure…but those are usually the best ones.

Just in Case


Laptop sleeves usually stick to neoprene and the occasional hard-plastic shell, so when someone takes a few steps in the briefcase direction, we take notice.

This particular model comes from the Aussie firm Toffee Cases, which took the simple but critical steps of giving the average 13-inch case a textured leather exterior and—most importantly—a handle.

It’s all in the details…