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Northern Grade Heads to Austin

  • Najib Benouar


Attention all Texans: Northern Grade, the roving bazaar of all things good and American, is popping up in Austin this weekend.

There will be the usual doses of Horween leather, artisanal grooming products and American-made gear, plus a few Austinian twists from hometown hosts: the sausage and menswear kings of Austin, respectively, Frank (who we’ve gushed about before) and Central Texas’s bastion of rugged dapperness, Stag. They’ll be taking over a row of galvanized-steel Quonset huts known as Fair Market—pictured above—so you can’t miss it. Just follow the scent of grilled bison, smoked black pepper chèvre, basil and sweet kolache bread. (Then ask for the Northern Grade Dog.)

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The Rock Stars’ Guide to SXSW Style

  • Najib Benouar


You may have heard: a little music festival by the name of South by Southwest is happening in Austin, Texas, this week.

Over the past couple of decades, the annual gathering has brought together a motley crew of stylish musicians—spanning the eras of grunge to rap to whatever it is we’re calling that thing where a skinny guy playing a tambourine wears a trilby and suspenders with a white T-shirt—so we thought we’d take a look back at the festival’s illustrious history of onstage fashion.

Consider it the rock stars’ guide to SXSW style...»

The Devil and Daniel Johnston


Outsider artists come in all flavors, but we prefer ours lovable, childlike, and doomed. So Daniel Johnston is a natural choice.

His medium of choice is permanent marker and his inspiration comes from a lifelong struggle with schizophrenia and violent psychosis. On top of which, he’s one of the better songwriters to emerge from the past 25 years. But let’s tackle one career at a time…

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Agyness, Austin and Art


Cherchez Le Femme: Agyness Deyn has traded Albert Hammond for (we assume) a less technically proficient guitarist. [The Cut]

Heading South: Michael Williams tours Austin’s finest Olch at a time.[A Continuous Lean]

Crazy Time: Gawker looks at Dubai and decides to get crazy artsy. We’re not sure either. [Gawker]

Greatest of all Time: Deb counts down the 100 blogs most likely to improve your life. Somehow, Failblog does not make the list. [AskDeb]

Counting Down


Men.Style’s Material Interest alerted us to WWD’s latest poll ranking cities on menswear spending and the results are a little staggering. Perennially hip, Austin comes in first, closely followed by the loose thread that is Las Vegas. Southern California takes up the next three spots, while the New York area barely makes the list.

Best of all is Salt Lake City in the #7 spot, confirming our long-held theory about Mormon style. Sadly, neither of the Portlands made the cut.

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