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Scarlett Johansson is Having a Revival

The Sympathetic Sounds of Sheffield: The British Library catalogued ambient noise from various places in Sheffield, and is currently streaming it through a firm called UK Soundmap. It’s like a vacation in your headphones. [Fast Company]

The Old House: Take a tour through a decaying mansion on one of Georgia’s barrier islands. [Kuriositas]

Tall, Dark and Handsome: Woody Allen is finally making a film about the romantic travails of neurotic, middle-aged urbanites. And it’s about time. [/Film]

Night at the Museum: Chicago’s Museum of Science is looking for something to spend a month living in the museum as a “human subject.” Honestly, we’re not wild about the job title. [Gizmodo]



Angelic: Internet, meet Ana Beatriz Barros. [GQ UK]

Naval Gazing: We’ve always been of the opinion that modern art does best in massive staged naval battles. Apparently Duke Riley agrees. [Vulture]

This Might Get Loud: Ladies and Gentlemen, the most awe-inspiring speakers in the world. [Audiojunkies]

Texas Never Whispers: Marfa Texas gets into the sport supply business. [Cool Hunting]

Kick the Cans


When it comes to headphones, we’ve always preferred keeping things simple, black, and as hi-fi as possible.

All of which makes us very partial to AiAiAi’s new pair of DJ headphones. They’re professional-grade, which means they’re designed to overpower noisy club speakers…so the gabber next to you in line at the coffee shop won’t stand a chance.

We suggest christening it with a little mid-70s Bowie, just like the professionals.

Listen Carefully


The deep end of the hi-fi pool can be hard to manage, but it’s worth a dip or two—especially if you’ve ever wanted to hear every last backup singer in Pretzel Logic.

The Gizmodo kids have spent all week detailing the particulars of the stereo kingdom—including an economic breakdown of six-figure speakers that should come in handy for anyone considering a stereo that costs more than their car—but our favorite post is this gem taking you inside the ear of a bonafide audiophile, with the help of a $350,000 stereo setup.

The real surprise is exactly which music gets play on such a system. Naturally, the Buzzcocks don’t do terribly well, but the 70s seem to have been a pretty fertile decade for audiophile fodder. Gizmodo’s particular trip down the rabbit hole featured an Eno-assisted David Bowie (“Heroes”), a post-Eno Roxy Music (“Avalon”) and a remarkably lush sidetrip into the world of French techno (Air’s Talkie Walkie).

All rich, nuanced sonic landscapes…but was a little Daft Punk too much to ask for? We’d say journalistic integrity demands nothing less.