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Suitsupply Hits Atlanta, Smart’s New Electric Drive and the Oral History of Freaknik

  • Kempt Staff

SuitSupply-ATL High on Supply: Meet the impeccably well-put-together team behind Suitsupply’s newest outpost in Atlanta.

Indomitable Drive: Our pals at Driven have the lowdown on the all-new Smart Electric Drive and your chance to get behind the wheel of one before anyone else.

Freak Flag: Complex recounts the oral history of the mythical street gathering known only as “Freaknik.” On the Patch: Mister Crew shows how clothing maintenance can also make for the unexpected flourish.

The New Buckle


Sid Mashburn’s a pretty serious player in Atlanta style, but until now it’s been pretty tough for a Yankee to get a proper look at it all. Luckily, Sid’s finally arrived on the internet with the help of a third-party site called Taigan. You’ll have to sign in, but it’s relatively painless—especially compared to a plane ticket.

Once you’re through there, you’ll have an impressive haul to pick through, ranging from white bucks to Globe-Trotter trolley cases. What caught our eye were these hoof-pick belts—what can we say, we’re suckers for unorthodox hardware—but there’s plenty more where that came from. Welcome to the internet, Mr. Mashburn.

Clutch City


The fine folks at the Trojan company—to whom we owe so much—have indulged their inner Kinsey with a survey of American sexual activity, and the results are eye-opening to say the least. Major cities would appear to be in pretty dire sexual condition. Ranking city-by-city, Atlanta takes the crown as the most sexually satisfied city in America, with a 73% approval rating, beating out both New York and Los Angeles. Maybe it has something to do with the Underground?

More interestingly, Houston took first place by volume with an average of 101 incidents of luckiness every year. Atlanta managed 88, D.C. clocked in with 86, and Los Angeles and New York rolled over torpidly and contented themselves with 82 and 80 respectively. It might be time for a PSA campaign.