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Deadly Stems, Kate Reads Up, and Atelier on the Move


Book Smart: Kate Beckinsale plays the "naughty librarian," thus setting the Dewey Decimal System ablaze. [Hollywood Tuna]

Presumptive Nominee: Now that he's locked up the primaries, it's time to ask the important questions about Obama's closet. [Brandish]

Problem Drinkers: Sip carefully: these wineglasses can kill. [NotCot]

Movin' On Up: Atelier packs their bags for SHNOT. Gesundheit. [Racked]

Short Story: Ladies give you advice on swimsuit shopping. No banana hammocks allowed. [Refinery29]

It's About Times


Did you notice anything odd about the Times Style Section today? We don't mean chicken-fashion odd - indeed, we mean good odd. Look, when The Grey Lady offers up another David Coleman piece about the resurgence of pants, a "Modern Love" entry on dead babies/girlfriends/husbands or whatever dust bunnies are rattling around Cathy Horyn's head, we're always the first ones to take the piss.

But today...

Keef Does Louis, Atelier Moves, Geri Likes 'Em Thick


Shine a Light: Keith Richards rolled out of bed, smoked cigarette, snorted his dad, tussled his hair and shot an ad for Louis Vuitton. [WWD]

Spicy Meatball: Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell visits the Milan shows, wishes the male models had a "bit more meat" on their lovely bones, thus making her ever more dear in our hearts. [The Daily Goss]

Bantamweight Championship: Another day, another dandy fight. [Dandyism]

Trading Up: The beloved Atelier heads around the corner to bigger digs. [Racked]

They Grow Up So Quickly


Crosby Street, just below Houston, is known to locals for its easy-to-miss Indian deli, Lahore, as well as one of NY's most fashion forward specialty stores for men, Atelier New York. Karlo Steel and Constantin von Haeften opened Atelier New York (originally A.) in September, 2002 as a duel gender boutique but dropped women's within a year to focus on men's wear.

More on Atelier and the BIG SALE going on now »