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The Translucent Tie

C. Chauchat’s stayed under the radar so far, but their recent Robert Geller collab suggests they might finally be headed for some menswear cred. The pics don’t do justice, but if you see the ties in person, you’ll know why we’re such fans. Each one is wrapped in layers of dyed, translucent chiffon. As a result, the colors shift when you see them from different angles—genuinely unlike anything else you’ve got in your closet. You can see better pictures here, but you might be better off just heading to Assembly to see it firsthand.

Moving Up in the World like Elevators


We’ve been following New York’s Assembly since it opened this past April, and they’ve turned into the city’s best mix of vintage rarities and well-chosen designer gear. But we didn’t expect them to turn into designers.

Greg Armas is the man behind the store, and, more recently, the man behind a small, limited-edition line of car coats, blazers and slacks. The line looks fantastic—exactly what we’d expect from a man with an appreciation for antique corkscrew—but the precedent is even better.

Granted, most boutique owners probably don’t have the knack for design that Armas does…but it would be interesting to see them try. And as long as they keep things limited edition, we doubt there’ll be too much harm done. We might even get a few new labels out of it.

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