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The Two Kinds of Fur Coat

fur coat

The internet is angry today, my friends.

This Band of Outsiders fur coat arrived at Oki-ni, and the tumblr crowd wasted no time in calling it out as ridiculous. But the speed and strength of the backlash—especially against a menswear sacred cow like Band of Outsiders—makes us think there’s a taboo at stake here.

Allow us to clear things up: There are two kinds of fur coats in the world. And unless you’re a rapper or a prizefighter, this is the wrong kind.

Allow us to explain…»

Dispatches from Aspen Fashion Week


File this one under: only in Aspen. Someone apparently had a formal engagement at the top of a ski lift.

Our intrepid editor Randy Goldberg has spent the past few daysroughing it at Aspen Fashion Week, bombing down Ajax mountain, making sure every hot tub in Colorado is safe, and tracking down the latest in skiwear, starting with this shawl-collared gentleman.

The good news is, if you want to take to the slopes without looking like an 80s-era Bond villain, you’ve got plenty of options.

Here are a few of our favorites»