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Buttoned Down


Beauty is a Rare Thing: Devon Aoki lends a bit of skin to the new round of ads for Italy’s RA-RE. [FashionIndie]

We’re Detecting a Pattern: Gitman Brothers gets into the tie game with two- and ¼-inch ties in their classic plaids. They look awesome, and they're in limited stock, so click fast. [Blackbird Blog]

Funny Person: Judd Apatow is self-effacing, bearded. [A. V. Club]

We Prefer “the Ghandi”: AskMen goes servicey with a rundown of the best hairstyles for the balding. Don’t laugh; your time will come. [AskMen]

Flying V


The phrase “style icon” gets thrown around quite a bit, but it’s important to make sure you really mean it. Otherwise you run the risk of leaving the house dressed like this.

So we were a little troubled to see Lenny Kravitz getting the style icon treatment from AskMen. We’re sure he’d make a great male model and we admire his mother’s stage work, but can’t we all agree that this is no way for a grown man to dress? Like the flying V guitar, Lenny’s look is way too flashy to be trusted. Even when he isn’t sporting something as embarrassing as this, he exudes a level of lounge-lizard sleaze that should be enough to scare off any self-respecting gentleman of style. It’s gear like this that gives L. A. a bad name.

Man in Excel Form


Man is a complex creature, and plumbing his desires and fears can be a terrifying and eye-opening journey.

Unless, of course, it’s a survey.

The good folks at have done the latest work—for science, naturally—and rounded up 75,000 men for a comprehensive survey of the less-fair sex. The result is worth a look, so we’ve rounded up the most eye-opening numbers for your perusal.

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