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Alex Sanders Is the Opposite of Off-Piste

  • Kempt Staff

Leather, Man: A handy visual guide to help you learn your leathers—from bridle to patent. [Valet]

Tony, Toni, Toné: The style evolution of the wanderlust food critic, Tony Bourdain. [A Headlong Dive]

What Would Woody Do: Waxing poetic on the match made in autumnal heaven that is a corduroy blazer and chinos. [Put This On]

And... Twins: The Olsen twins explain to The Wall Street Journal how they’ve learned from menswear’s “investment pieces” ideology. [WSJ]

It Takes Two


As you may have heard, the Olsens are trying their collective hand at menswear. And surprisingly enough, they’re pretty good at it.

Exhibit A: this narrowly double-breasted cardigan. The big loose-knit, shawl-collared style makes for an extremely cozy item, and a little overlap between the buttons only makes it cozier. It’s one of the best deep winter sweaters we’ve seen all season—and easily their best work since Passport to Paris.

He's Bad News


Bad Influence: We can’t help but think that Terry Richardson is a bad influence on the Olsens. [Olsens Anonymous]

Graphic Imagery: A Liechtenstein-biting Forever 21 shirt inspires a sprawling discourse. [ThisRecording]

Pop Goes the Weasel: Men’s Health suggests popcorn as the next natural sex aid. We believe last month it was avocado. [Grub Street]

Part of the Crew: J. Crew’s online shop is currently 50% off, making it the best chance at seersucker shorts you’ll get all summer. [The Choosy Beggar]

L.L. Beijing, Wearing Her Diamonds & Ashley Does Dudes


Orient Express: LL Bean will open shop in China this month. Beijing will receive the first of four retail locations, but unfortunately missed the Michael Phelps’ Mom Endorsement train. [DNR]

English Rain: A Continuous Lean’s Michael Williams offers a decidedly British fall look, from bags to bumbershoots. The whole lot exceeds $5,000, which is great for aesthetic but painful if you’re on this side of the exchange rate. [A Continuous Lean]

Tough Tooth: Liev Schrieber wears his wife’s jewelry and doesn’t care what you think. At least it’s a gold and diamond shark tooth. [W]

Draped in Olsen: Stock market meltdown, Palintology and menswear by Ashley Olsen. Isn’t that a Nostradamus prediction? [The Cut]

Model House, The Skinny on Barack and No Boinking for Blokes


Home Maker: In a last-ditch effort to save the housing market, Petra Nemcova has branched out into sexy, sexy field of real-estate development. [NYPost]

Separated at Birth: While Ashley Olsen made the Maxim "Hot 100 List," Mary-Kate was left off the tally of the world's hottest tail, thus solidifying her place as the "ugly one." [Hollywood Scoop]

The Legion of Superheroes: The bright stars of society and fashion enjoyed the spandex and cowls on display at the Met Gala. We'll just go ahead and presume our invites got lost in the mail. [NYMag]

Under the Burka: Islamic fashion designers just can't win. [Turkish Daily News]

Vote Thin!: Barack Obama represents a, "shining new hope for skinny men," and political marginalization for fatties. [Guardian UK]

Fitting End: Tailor to Sir Roger Moore and Ralph Lauren, Douglas Howard passes away at 73. [DNRNews]

Cool Britannia: English men are turning down sex in growing numbers, leaving more for the rest of us sloppy Yanks. [Men.Style]