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Three Sartorial Affectations That Double as Halloween Costumes


Halloween can present a challenge for a well-dressed man—especially now that the “Don Draper” costume is well past its expiration date—but we’ve got a solution for you. It involves monocles…

The menswear canon has a lot of items that are both fantastic in a “deep trad” kind of way and completely ridiculous in any normal setting. This is your chance to see what you can do with them. And thanks to the pandemonium of style that will going on around you, you’ll look good pretty much no matter what.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: John Wellington


While there was plenty of good style on display at the Emmys—and plenty of adventurous-but-classy tuxes worthy of a little notice—this week’s MOTH comes from a slightly less formal setting: the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor’s Island.

The Bixbyish gentleman here is one John Wellington, demonstrating a linen-soaked look that manages to work in the triple crown of newsboy cap, pocket watch and ascot without coming off as anything other than impeccable. It’s a little costumey, but he’s at a costume ball—and in the meantime he’s showing everyone in sight exactly how rumpled a pair of linen trousers should be, and what life looks like beyond slim-fit.

Ascot Watch


We were perusing the latest Woolrich Woolen Mills lookbook, and we found this surprisingly dapper snap among the usual fishing vests and unstructured jackets. The blazer’s pretty great—one more entry in their long string of fantastic spring jackets—but what really caught our eye was the scarf.

It’s not a thick, muffling scarf, or the kind of ropy West Coast adornment Russell Brand seems to specialize in. It’s more like, well…an ascot. And paired with the jacket, it makes it seem like the gentleman’s suited up for a motorboat race circa 1978.

Which sounds pretty awesome, now that we think about it.



Although the bowtie has been getting more cred lately, it’s still a flashy move with an uncertain payoff in many circles. The best bowties are the ones that keep their heads down, usually through softer fabrics that make them almost scarflike, but we may have found another solution.

This shirt-and-tie outfit comes from our old friends at Commonwealth Utilities, and though it’s still months away from stores, we’re ready to call it as the second coming of the bowtie. It looks like a natural outgrowth of the shirt, and surprisingly enough, ends up looking more casual than a regular tie would. A loose knot, an ascot-esque drape, and a little fabric matching is all it takes, apparently.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Isaac Mizrahi

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Dashing designer Isaac Mizrahi makes a splash but always stays on the safe side of zany—no easy feat when you're establishing yourself as a too-*beaucoup* TV personality. Though his women's clothes and various bringing-style-to-the-masses projects get all the attention, he turned out a damn fine men's collection for Fall 2008, which was good enough to get the nod from Bergdorf's.

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