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Jessica Chastain Finds Your Klout Score Upsetting

  • Kempt Staff

Jessica Chastainvia GQ UK

Golden Fleecing: Richard Press tells the story of how Brooks Brothers shaped generations of preppiness—J. Press included. [Ivy Style]

No Cargo: Michael Jordan has been losing sartorial steam for some time—and now it’s getting him kicked out of places. [NY Post]

All the Leaves: A stunning time-lapse celebration of the vibrant autumnal foliage in Central Park. [The Atlantic]

Basel Tov: For those of you heading down to Miami for Art Basel next week, Bullett magazine has your 12-step game plan. [Bullett]

Eniko Mihalik Loves Her Jorts

  • Najib Benouar

Art of a Lion: Opening Ceremony recaps the oodles of artsiness that went down at Art Basel 2012. [Opening Ceremony]

Free and Queasy: Selectism gives us a glimpse at Freemans Sporting Club’s handsome new bespoke studio—and a teaser video that features explicit butchering. [Selectism]

What’s Beef?: An in-depth history lesson of the on-screen couples who beefed off-screen. [The Atlantic]

Subs and Straps: Driven sits down with a serious NATO strap aficionado and his kaleidoscope of Rolexes and chronos. [Driven]

Don’t Call It a Comeback

  • Najib Benouar

Gentlemen, today we come bearing good news: Lindsay Lohan has returned to form. Interview caught up with filmmaker Richard Phillips to get an exclusive peek at his Art Basel 2012 entry: a short film harking back to the surf aesthetic of yore (Endless Summer et al) and starring one Ms. Lohan, looking as vibrant and even-keeled as ever. It’s artsy stuff, sure, but we’ll make an exception for this—especially if it means we’ll be getting more Lohan on this end of the press spectrum. It’s no Parent Trap, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Watch a snippet of surf, sand and those piercing emerald eyes after the jump.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Fabrizio Rollo

Our cardinal rule of style is to dress for the occasion. And when you’re a Vogue Brazil editor on assignment in Art Basel, that means bringing your A-game.

Fortunately, when presented with said challenge, Fabrizio Rollo knocked it out of the park.

The sockless loafers speak for themselves, as does the just-weird-enough chambray tuxedo shirt—so we’ll start with those pants. We haven’t seen double pleats on a fashionista in quite a while, much less wool pants rolled above the ankle, but if you’re dressing for a cold season in a warm climate (like Miami in December or Rio in July) it’s a pretty smart move.

Throw in a summer scarf tied over both the collar and the shirt, and you’re in hall of fame territory. Take notes, gentlemen.