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Style Icons Spoiling a Perfectly Good Walk

Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Groucho Marx, Palm Springs, CA, 1954

It may prove a bit tricky to duck out of the office this week for a twilight round of golf, given that we’re coming off a 10-day Fourth of July sabbatical. To tide you over, we now present, in no particular order, 18 photos of style icons spoiling a perfectly good walk.

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In Which We Rummage Through Arnold Palmer’s Old Clothes

A polo, wool pants and a cardigan. They’re all simple items, but they were practically a uniform for Arnold Palmer in the ’50s. It was one of the tricks that carried him to icon status, and a surprisingly easy one to pull off today. So naturally, we were a bit curious about exactly how the glorious trifecta looked up close.

It turns out, it looks pretty good.

We recently got a peek at the original items, straight from Mr. Palmer’s closet (courtesy of the fine folks at his clothing line, Arnie). And as you might expect, it was glorious.

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