Love All: One of the few eligible bachelors with a
155 mph serve is engaged to S.I. swimsuit model, href="http://usemycomputer.com/show.html?i=/indeximages/2008/March/brooklyn-decker-uhq-celebrity-images-0.jpg">Brooklyn
Decker, which is a solid excuse for us to run pictures of her.
Thanks, Andy. [ href="http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/tennis/news/story?id=3322409">ESPN]

Tailgate Party: In other sporting news, this is how
24-year-old, Heisman-winning, multimillionaire starting NFL
quarterback Matt Leinart rolls. How ’bout you, Brah? [ href="http://www.sundaymorningqb.com/story/2008/4/1/94013/78258">Sunday
Morning QB]

Local Uni-Watch: New York readers may have a chance
to check out the Blue
Jay’s new powder-blue
throwbacks href="http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/schedule/index.jsp?c_id=nyy">today
and tomorrow. Still, no one’s got more baller style than this guy.

Swapping Spit: In the grand Gallic tradition of poor
public hygiene, several Frenchmen invaded Manhattan and attempted to
set a world record for kissing. Gross, right? [ href="http://fleshbot.com/374650/">Fleshbot]

In The Hood: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men’s fashion
blogger, Amanda Brooks, finds style and substance in the lowly hoodie.

???????????!: Moscow Fashion Week just doesn’t
translate to Western style – but God bless them Ruskies for trying.

Chinese Take Out: With its increased high-end
offerings, improved manufacturing techniques (not to mention its low
valuation of human sweat) China is poised to take on Italy in the luxe
suit game. [WSJ]

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