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The Get Carter Trench That Got Away

A lot of blog ink has been spilled gushing over the black Aquascutum trench coat in Get Carter, and we’re no exception. It’s the most iconic item in one of the most iconic flicks of the ’70s—the kind of thing that comes up for auction once every decade.

Well, today was the day. Bonhams gaveled it off early this morning for a comparatively measly £7,500, or just under $12,000. There’s always 2021.

Navigating an Enormous Sample Sale


The Italian mail order outfit Yoox just launched a massive sample sale with literally hundreds of designers at clearance-level discounts. It’s quite a haul, but since the selection ranges from highbrow labels like Etro and Comme des Garçons to obscure euro labels and, well, crocs, sorting through it can be a job of work.

To that end, we’ve picked out a few favorites, starting with this Aquascutum poncho marked down to an eye-popping $190 just in time for the rainy season.

But wait, there’s more…»

Under the Hood

As anyone on the East Coast can currently attest, a good raincoat is a very useful thing. Fortunately, London’s been facing rainy Junes for upwards of a thousand years, and they’ve picked up a trick or two.

This gentleman’s shawl-like overcoat comes via Aquascutum, a more modern alternative to marques like Mackintosh and Baracuta (and creator of this ad). The shoulder flaps make it seem both more impermeable and more sartorially adventurous than the competition—a remarkably good case for leaving your umbrella at home.

My Old School


We hope they brought breath mints to the shoot, but it was worth it. This still from the British brand Aquascutum (and shot by Tim Walker) is easily one of the best fashion ads we’ve seen all year.

The men’s and women’s line both make it in, you can see just enough of the clothes, and it’s just plain eye-catching. It’s a spring/summer line, so the white pants are kosher, and the bleachers and school-photo layout make it all adorably formal.

Well played, gentlemen.