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The State of the Apron

  • Najib Benouar


Memorial Day weekend is only four days away.

Sure, it’s got us looking forward to the prospect of dusting off the white bucks, but we’re mostly excited to roll out the barbecue grill for the season and fill up a cooler with ice and beer.

And anyone who’s manned a grill in this modern era understands that a handsome apron is par for the course. Blame it on a few overeager souls who took the heritage trend a little too seriously—or a captive audience willing to spend countless hours reading up on 1930s butcher shops and perusing handlebar-laden Tumblrs—but the apron scene is perhaps hotter than it’s ever been. So we took a moment to check in on the state of the apron, to see what’s out there these days (luckily, another side effect of the heritage trend is that they’re all going to last you a lot longer than a dozen tanks of propane).

Herewith, your guide to the new world of the menswear apron.»

In the Capsule, Part Two


We stopped by the semi-annual floor show that is the (capsule) show yesterday, and while we aren’t quite ready to spill the goods on everything we saw, we thought we’d start off with a roundup of some of the best-dressed gentlemen on hand.

Naturally, there was a lot to choose from, but one of our favorites was this gentleman repping Yuketen boots. The bowtie is crisp, the round glasses are on-trend and the boots are impeccable, as expected, but the real genius here is the perfectly tanned leather apron. It’s a legit workwear item, even if it’s a little too extreme for mainstream consumption. (We predict an apron trendlet in fall of ’09, based entirely on this picture.)

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