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The Greatest Secret Project Names of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


Recently, reports have been trickling out that Google and NASA are in cahoots on a secret project known only as “Google Planetary Ventures.”

Which got us thinking about the great mystique surrounding a secret project name—sometimes borrowed from Latin, sometimes a cheeky nod, but always conveying the gravitas of the situation. And more importantly, it reminded us of some of our favorites throughout history.

Herewith, the greatest secret project names of all time...»

Classifying Collars and Getting Tough on jOBS

  • Kempt Staff

Collar ID: The Wall Street Journal dives headlong into the issue of shirt collars and their many iterations of late.

Lloyd Banks: There’s been a considerable amount of gnashing of the teeth over the beard Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein grew while vacationing in Davos, Switzerland. David Coggins reports.

Totally Rad: Bullett digs deep on the aesthetic of designer Rad Hourani, only to find a conundrum wrapped in a mystery enshrouded in asexuality.

Woz Happenin’: The Woz questions the verisimilitude of the new biopic about Apple’s late, turtlenecked CEO jOBS, according to Gizmodo.

The 1984 iPhone

That iPhone 5 sure is a powerful, sexy machine.

But so is the entirety of Sony’s 1984 audio/visual collection, like the Beta Hi-Fi video cassette player which, as advertised, “blows you away” with its better-than-movie-theater sound. You’ll be “engulfed in the power and action of movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark... the pulsating rhythms of Flashdance... the dramatic intensity of An Officer and a Gentleman... the spectacular rock video of David Bowie.”

There you are, sitting in a tin can, far above the world...»

The Terrifying Steve Jobs Action Figure

Apple fanatics have produced some pretty weird stuff over the years (exhibit A), but we just stumbled across the most unsettling creation to date: the Steve Jobs action figure.

It’s basically all the troubling elements of the Apple fanatic in one object, right down to the “One More Thing” backdrop, just in case you want to stage your own keynote speech for the iCar. It also comes with a pair of apples (one with a bit missing), for reasons we can’t begin to fathom—and even more troubling, it looks like it’s sold out.

This Cease & Desist letter cannot arrive fast enough.

Great Moments in Sitcom History: A Eulogy (Part 1 of 5)

Two and a Half Men was the most popular sitcom on television last year, averaging 13.1 million viewers. In the 1987-1988 season, The Cosby Show averaged 30 million viewers. In fact, 19 sitcoms that year had more viewers than Two and a Half Men, including Night Court (20.2M), Kate & Allie (15.9M), My Sister Sam (15.2M) and ALF (14.4M).

With thousands of cable and DirectTV channels to choose from, along with Netflix streaming and AppleTV and the ever-expanding World Wide Web, fewer people watch the same shows.

Maybe that’s why sitcoms don’t feel the same anymore...»

Adriana Lima Has Stumbled Into a De Sica Film

The Culture of Full-Priced Couture: The Journal takes a look at the people who buy those $10,000 frocks. If menswear ever gets to here, we may have to cash in our chips. [WSJ]

Shot By Shot: A photographic look at the best dunks of the All-Star Game—including the Kia-related one. [Reuters]

Neckwearpaloozathonfest 2011: Jesse Thorn’s tie collection goes on eBay, to great acclaim. [The Choosy Beggar]

Apple Core: A gluttonous and excessive amount of information concerning the new MacBook Pros. [Gizmodo]

Amber Heard Loves Dr. Pepper

You Didn’t Hear it From Me: An elegy for the New York gossip beat, as related by a few veterans. Fine gentlemen, all. [Village Voice]

Sleep Tight: The bedbug scourge starts cutting into the vintage market. [NYTimes]

It Helps if It’s a Sweater: Esky’s guide to the lost art of wearing white after Labor Day. [Esquire]

The Small Screen: A new batch of magical, revolutionary updates from Apple, cut into small and understandable pieces. [Lifehacker]

Jennifer Pugh is Feeling Nostalgic


The Throwback: Luciana Val & Franco Musso channel their inner Guccione for this faux-vintage snap. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Operation Infinite Accessory: Here’s your chance to own the watch Saddam gave to his air force pilots. It’s the weirdest style pitch we’ve come across in quite some time. [Hodinkee]

A Little Lost: A full account of a mortifying evening with our favorite person in the world, Bill Murray. [Vulture]

Royal Rumble: Apple, HTC, Google and Microsoft are entering into the copyright equivalent of a cage match. This one will get ugly. [TechCrunch]

The Wild Blue Yonder


The Water is Cold: The gentlemen at World’s Best Ever just turned us onto our new favorite photoblog. [Wicked Wink]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future of Mobile Harping: Apple unveils the iPad’s killer app, a music program called the Air Harp. Just like that, the venerable harp industry gets turned on its head. [TechCrunch]

Looking Patchy: A gentleman’s guide to madras. [Valet]

Suffering Whiplash: Mickey Rourke gets booted from the Iron Man 2 poster, presumably because he was upstaging Mr. Downey. [/Film]

Marie Claire Hungary is Having an Indoor Day


Lounging: No matter what’s happening, Eastern Europe always seems to come through. [Fashion Copious]

A Field Guide to the Menswear Blogger: The newly arrived Stylite takes a survey of the differing species of men’s style bloggers. Nice work, but they forgot “credenza-loving gentleman of leisure.” [Stylite]

Here’s Johnny: An ode to the increasingly missed Johnny Carson. The man could wear a suit. [Vanity Fair]

Clash of the Titans: Things are getting ugly (and surprisingly Shakespearean) between Apple and Google. [NYTimes]

Pocket Sized


We’re not much for the high-profile gadget hustle, which is why we’ve given the iPad circus a pretty wide berth this week. But we will say that, as men of style, we’re glad its’ not pocket-sized.

The past couple years have seen a flood of slightly-too-large plastic bricks arrive on the market, each indispensable enough to pose a serious threat the shape of the American pocket. In case you’ve forgotten, we’ll say it again: the less you have in your pants, the better they look. You’re running a risk with anything larger than a RAZR. (Remember those?) But that kind of logic doesn’t do very well against the draw of an iPhone.

Which is why we were happy to see this year’s gamechanger is too large to fit into anything other than a bag. Surely this time around, we could have a gadget that didn’t deform the world’s pant legs or violate any unspoken laws of decorum.

Then, of course, we saw this…