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The Grin

Fashion Week’s remarkably short on genuine, wide-eyed enthusiasm, so when we find it, we tend to take notice.

This particular grin comes from Antonio Azzuolo, walking the runway at the close of his Friday show in one of his best outfits, complete with a buttoned-down club collar and a fantastic pair of Robert Evans shades. It’s a less louche version of the continental style Tom Ford usually traffics in—and if you can pull it off, it’s a lot more fun than tweed.

Which brings us to that grin. Most designers take their bow with some mixture of nerves and our-and-out fear (assuming they take one at all), so it’s good to see one who isn’t ashamed to bask in the applause. We’d say he’s earned it.

The Week that Was


Now that the overstimulated fever dream that is Fashion Week has drawn to a close, it’s time to sort the whole mess out through a period of meditative reflection. Our favorites were rag & bone, Simon Spurr, Antonio Azzuolo, General Idea, and Band of Outsiders, but there was plenty more to see that got lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, our friends at Valet Mag have put together a comprehensive but manageable guide to all the menswear to come out of New York Fashion Week, via a little bit of well-applied Flash programming and a whole lot of legwork. Let the browsing begin.

A Simpler Time


Antonio Azzuolo’s been a solid designer and label for a while now, but judging by his latest work, the 70s are about to get a more cred.

We stopped by last night to see a.a.’s F/W ’09 series, and we were pleasantly surprised to see him indulging in some of our favorite sartorial quirks, like rope-shouldered blazers, double-breasted jackets, and our favorite of all, tweed. Add in a bit of swagger and the occasional polished shoe, and you’ve got yourself a design aesthetic. The fall can’t come soon enough…

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