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A Waterproof Guide to the South Pole

The 21st century hasn’t seen much adventuring spirit thus far, but at this time 100 years ago, we had more than our share. The British expeditions to Antarctica are the perfect example, setting comparatively meager resources against one of the most inhospitable environments on earth. There’s Shackleton’s, of course, but a new book from Assouline details one of the lesser-known expeditions: the Terra Nova, led by Robert Falcon Scott. And as of today, you can pick up a waterproof edition, in case you decide to take it on a few adventures of your own.

The Official Coat of Antarctica

Antarctic Parka

It’s very cold in Antarctica. At McMurdo Station, it can reach as low as -60 degrees, with 30-degree wind chill and dust-dry snow blowing from every direction. So when the US Antarctic Program sends some poor soul out there, they send them with one of the warmest coats money can buy—a synthetic monster known around the station as Big Red.

And as gentlemen with an abiding interest in warm coats and extreme temperatures, we felt honor-bound to track down exactly where they get them...

Tracking down the coldest coat on earth»

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