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So far, iPhone cases tended towards the organic. We’d wager that most of the sleeves you’ve actually seen in use are either leather, woodgrain or some variation on matte black.

Which means the world of the iPhone case is ripe for a little new wave jolt.

This jagged black-and-white shell comes from Gareth Pugh, with a little help from Colette and AnOther magazine and a laptop case in tow. It manages to avoid both the usual organic patterns and the friendly-alien aesthetic you find at your friendly neighborhood Apple store, in favor of something that might be more at home on an album cover.

Let’s just hope your mp3 collection can keep up.

Pair of Hearts

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

As part of our continuing series of pulchritudinous pairings we bring you this snap from frenetic Fashion Week.

On the right is Belgian beauty Anouck Lepere, who last graced these pages when she posed for French *Playboy*, leading us to consider moving to France. On the left is Brit model Jacquetta Wheeler, who's raked in a fortune posing from everyone from Prada to The Gap.

The pair were partying at an event for *Another* magazine, the so-hip-it-hurts publication founded by Kate Moss' former paramour Jefferson Hack, hosted by our favorite new import, Bamford & Sons. It seems Hack has gotten over Ms. Moss and is now hitting the sheets with Anouck, the lucky bastard. He's certainly no matinee idol, but if he could bottle whatever he's got the guy would make a fucking fortune.