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The Morning After the Oscars

  • Kempt Staff

Avengers Men

Talking Tuxes: GQ sums up just about every tuxedo in attendance in the photo above, as modeled by the cast of The Avengers.

First Impression: The gents at Esky name Samantha Banks the most stunning red-carpet newcomer.

Pointed Argument: The Cut takes a look at the most heated debate during the Oscars: Anne Hathaway's dress darts.

Tie Goes to Runner: Apparently, the shocking “tie” for best sound editing was not unprecedented. Huffington Post looks at the history of Oscar ties.

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Only Catwoman


Knightlife: Casting news comes down the pike on Nolan’s third Batman, confirming Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Naturally, we’re a bit nostalgic… [/Film]

This Sporting Life: The Quarterly takes a look at our favorite sports blog, Deadspin, and displays admirable restraint in avoiding Favre jokes. [GQ]

Benz, Not Breaks: Berlin Fashion Week unveils a set of Mercedes Benz-related sculptures. [Cool Hunting]

Well Polished: Advanced tips from the world of high-gloss shoe maintenance. [Mister Crew]

Jono Winnel is Watching Someone Else’s Television

Cali is Where They Put They Mack Down: Michael Macko forecasts the perfect wardrobe for 2011. He’s buying into camo like never before. [Valet]

The Saga Continues: The Bengal Stripe puts their 2011 bets on tassel loafers, monochromatic outfits and daily regimens. [The Bengal Stripe]

The Mix: The coolest saddle shoe we’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something. [Antenna]

From the Pages: December’s best editorial photography. As it turns out, Anne Hathaway has very long legs. [Vulture]

Anne Hathaway is Ready for the Beach


The White Queen: Anne Hathaway makes a hat-filled appearance in GQ UK. [GQ UK]

Eyes on the Prize: An insider’s view of the Oscar race. Conclusions: Jeff Bridges and George Clooney are kind of awesome. [NYMag]

Glued to the Screen: A critical appraisal of this year’s superbowl ads. I think it’s safe to say they won’t be buying Dodge Chargers any time soon. [A.V. Club]

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few: Singing “My Way” in Thailand might just get you stabbed to death. Real Talk. [NYTimes]