Hugo Chavez

**Fashion Migration**: After recent magazine collapses, the web has become become, “the Wild West,” of fashion coverage according to former InStyle senior editor and current Jezabel manager Anna Holmes. Yippie-ki-yay. [NY Observer]

**Breakfast of Champions**: A fresh mouthful of coca leaves every morning keeps husky, Naomi-Campbell impressing dictator Hugo Chavez STRONG AS BULL. [NYPost]

**It’s All in The Wrist**: The finer points of jacket sleeve buttons. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

**Recommended Dosage**: The Capsule men’s trade show digested and reviewed by some guy we totally don’t know. [Refinery29]

**It’s Gotta Be The Shoes**: So, did you get your Jordan XX3s? []

**_The Quantum of Silence_**: Is _not_ the title of the new Atom Egoyan film making the rounds at Sundance. Rather…? [Material Interest]

**Stuffing The Ballot Box**: The Fabbies, the awards for best fashion websites have posted their nominations. You might want to check out the “Men’s” category… just sayin’. [The Fabbies]

**”A Blood Bath Punctuated by Occasional Bouts of Clumsy Dialogue” **: This weekend, screw everything else. You’re going to see Rambo. [NYTImes]

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