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Style Icons and Their Mothers

  • Kempt Staff

Mother's Day

Here’s your last reminder that Sunday is Mother’s Day, gentlemen.

And to kick off the weekend of maternal appreciation right, we turn to some of our favorite style icons for some dapper inspiration on how to get into the spirit of filial gratitude...

With this handsome montage of style icons hanging out with their mothers.»

Style Icons Spoiling a Perfectly Good Walk

Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Groucho Marx, Palm Springs, CA, 1954

It may prove a bit tricky to duck out of the office this week for a twilight round of golf, given that we’re coming off a 10-day Fourth of July sabbatical. To tide you over, we now present, in no particular order, 18 photos of style icons spoiling a perfectly good walk.

Gunga galunga...»

Icon: Andy Garcia

  • Najib Benouar

Andy Garcia has given us a lot over the years—he’s been the gold standard of slick bastards everywhere since his first big screen outing in The Untouchables. (It doesn’t hurt to never have a hair out of place and a hint of an accent—he was born in Havana.) And on occasion of his latest turn, as a mustachioed agnostic religious freedom fighter in 1920s Mexico, we thought we’d take a moment to applaud his contributions to the three-piece suit, ascot, Panama hat and round horn-rimmed glasses, to name a few.

Without further ado, an appreciation of one cool customer in five pictures.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Andy Garcia


Laker games are not usually known for displays of sartorial acumen, but as MB pointed out, Andy Garcia made a pretty good showing at Thursday’s game. For starters, he dressed to his age and for the weather, showing off an impeccable summer blazer and unforced pocket square while most of the grownups around him were either in T-shirts or lounge lizard costumes. (Sorry, Jack.)

More importantly, he managed to unironically pull off a Trotsky-esque mustache, which is a feat for the ages. With a touch of gray, it looks downright distinguished. Put it together with those Courbusier shades—just to make sure you know he’s not kidding—and the man’s approaching perfection.