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The Lamborghini Smartphone

You know what they say about guys with small hands: they buy Lamborghini smartphones. The phone part of the newly released Lamborghini TL700 is a bit of a yawner, with middle-of-the-road specs via Android and Qualcomm. The rest is a bit of a gagger, with gold casings and a back plate made from crocodile skin. To our comrades in Russia (where the phone will go on sale this summer): spend the $2,750 domesticating this golden crocodile instead of overcompensating for the one in your pants.

Amber Heard is Being Swallowed By Her Hair

amberheard2_crop.jpgvia WBE

Truth, Justice and the American Way: On the heels of a British Superman, Vulture explains why none of our superheroes are played by Americans. Apparently our actors tend to be kind of wimpy. [Vulture]

The Robe: The Ace Hotel’s robe (with terrycloth courtesy of Wings + Horns) is finally available online. [Ace Hotel Blog]

This. Changes. Everything.: Ladies and gentlemen, the Android tablet. [CrunchGear]

So Put Your Little Hand in Mine…: A thorough guesstimate of the time Bill Murray spends in a loop in Groundhog Day. It adds up to about 34 years. [Obsessed With Film]

We Continue to Like the Like

A Tale of Two Phones: Gizmodo chooses sides in the corporate game of Punchout that is the Android/iPhone rivalry. Sorry, Steve. [Gizmodo]

Tooling Around: Our new favorite belt in the world, courtesy of Union Made and Tanner. [Hypebeast]

Still the One: Through the magic that is late night television, Ice Cube just teamed up with the roots for a triumphant revision of “Straight Outta Compton.” As you might have guessed, it’s awesome. [Rap Radar]

On the Run: A few musings on Haruki Murakami, running, and planning a life as a succession of perfect days. Advanced studies. [The Millions]

Iza Olak is a Child of Nature


A Roll in the Grass: The Danes put together a pretty good editorial when they want to. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Frozen Yogurt: A Google pro promises Android will “blow your mind” in the next six months. Presumably with a vocoder solo. [Gizmodo]

Taggers: A rundown on some of Americana’s more interesting garment tags. [Archival Clothing]

Brooklyn’s the Borough: For its 127th birthday, all the pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge you will ever desire. [Secret Forts]

Abbey Lee Kershaw is Pondering Her Next Move


Contemplating the Ifs: If anyone puts together an indecision-themed editorial spread, definitely let us know. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Brother to Brother: There’s a sea change underway at Brooks Brothers. Unfortunately, it’s happening behind a paywall. [WWD]

The Last Word: Ebert responds to the fantastic Esquire profile. [Chicago Sun Times]

The New Phone Company: If you have an Android phone, you should probably take a look at this. [The Official Google Blog]

Lily Allen is Unburdened


Sometimes a Cigarette is just a Cigarette: Ms. Allen puffs away in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. [Fashionising]

Ups and Downs: A list of when to find the best deals on just about anything. Apparently it’s currently sale season for sporting goods, bed sheets and carpeting. Now you know. [Lifehacker]

Ladies…: Mothers, lock up your daughters; Kempt editor Randy Goldberg is on the town. Glamour shots are available on request. [Guest of a Guest]

User’s Guide: An impressively thorough look at the joys and frustrations of Google’s latest iPhone challenger. [Gizmodo]

The Augmented Road Trip


The road trip is one of the most enduringly low-tech pastimes—all you need is gasoline and patience. But if you had an iPhone handy, it probably wouldn’t hurt.

On the Road is a website/smartphone app designed specifically for highway meandering, offering location-pegged blogging tools to map out every last memorable spot for in a 21st century travelogue. You’ll be able to upload pictures, video and whatever musings you can muster via their iPhone and Android apps, or just blog-worthy text messages for the low-tech. Fair warning: This does not mean you’re too cool for postcards.

The Newest Latest


The iPhone’s been ruling the gadget world for upwards of two years now, but it’s finally got a worthy competitor. As of today, it’ll be splitting the gadget-obsessed market share with the Motorola Droid, a Google-powered, open source contender for the title of Best Phone Ever.

The big additions are a Blackberry-style physical keyboard for those tired of touchscreen tapping, along with a supercharged navigation system courtesy of Google Maps, but the real pull is a chance to get a little techier. Unlike the iPhone, the Droid lets you customize just about everything about the interface, with the help of third-party apps, downloadable skins and old-fashioned tinkering. If you feel like making the gadget your own, it’s easy to do—unlike the iPhone, which will always belong to the folks at Cupertino.

If you’re looking for a more thorough blow-by-blow, we recommend this one...but at this point, you might as well just see it for yourself.

The Voice of Reason


Over the past decade, the internet has left a long trail of upended industries in its wake—most notably music, publishing and feline photography—but so far the phone companies have skated by more or less untouched.

There have been a few attempts at startup telephony, most notably Skype and the recently revived Ooma but one of the heavy-hitters is about to give it a shot too. We’ll give you a hint; it starts with a G…

And ends with an “oogle”»