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Wearing Your Sunday Best

  • Najib Benouar

You’ve got less than two days to get ready for some football.

And more essential than any secret dip recipe or fantasy team voodoo, you’re going to need a trusty pair of sweatpants for your long Sundays to come—not to be confused with the Sundays at the bar (seriously, don’t wear these to a bar, to work or to anything other than an absolute emergency High Life restock). So we rounded up the finest specimens of jersey-cotton leg blankets on the market today, for your football enjoyment, depending on your sartorial leanings—from the Anglophile to the couch-styled.

Herewith, the five best sweatpants you need for game day.»

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Surfers Have the Best Fans


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Now that we’re caught in the puzzling medium between deep winter and t-shirt weather, we’re breaking out one of our favorite spring items: the heather gray sweatshirt.

A good one will be every bit as warm as your fall sweater, but it comes off a whole lot more summery thanks to memories of outdoor gym classes and Sunday leaf raking. Throw a collared shirt under it—you’re a long way from gym class, after all—and you should be all set.

Now, to consider your options»

Lightly Used


Fabric scraps are responsible for a lot of things—most notoriously, American Apparel’s recent enthusiasm for the scrunchy—but a wearable jacket is a somewhat taller order.

That hasn’t stopped Looptworks (hat tip to Josh Spear) from trying, though. The jacket on the left is stitched together entirely from discarded fabric, and it might be the height of the discarded fabric-style so far. We’re not ready to jump on board just yet—we’re concerned about durability, for one—but if they can save a few thousand yards of cloth from the scrap heap, it might be worthwhile. Anything would be better than scrunchies…

Laying Down the Law


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A Malaise of the Sole


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