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Supporting America

  • Najib Benouar

In our ongoing countdown to the Summer Games (we’re roughly 52 hours out from the opening ceremonies, for those keeping score), we’ve got your American-made Team USA supporting polos, cardigans and sweatshirt from the newest American-made stalwarts at American Giant. There’s nothing “fancy” or “officially licensed” about this stuff, but it’s a nice subtle way to pledge your allegiance during the next month of international battle.

Plus, they won’t look out of date come fall, or next spring, either.

The T-Shirt Toughens Up

American Giant Tee

T-shirts are more complicated than they look.

Most of the nicer tees take after the gauzy American Apparel version—which, thanks to white-labeling, has found its way into a surprising number of shops. It’s not bad, but the fuzzy cotton can get a bit cloying in warmer weather, so we’re glad a challenger has come onto the scene with a new idea of what a T-shirt should feel like.

The latest model comes from American Giant (the same folks behind that half-cardigan we mentioned last week), and it’s got a more rough-and-tumble edge. The hand is more akin to a lightweight sweatshirt, which means you can wear it out unlayered without fearing the breezes. And since they’re selling everything direct, you can pick one up for $24.50. Wear it well.

Half Cardigan, Half Letter Jacket

American Giant

This mid-season piece comes from American Giant, the vertically integrated upstart that’s been making waves in Americana circles.

The fabric is the same heavyweight cotton you’ll find in their crewneck sweatshirts, but it’s been shaped into a snap cardigan that puts us in mind of a letter jacket. In other words, it’s only half outerwear—which is about perfect, given how shifty the weather’s been.

It’s also ideally suited for mid-level layering—say, between a white oxford shirt and a Baracuta jacket—if your jean jacket’s otherwise engaged.