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Amber Heard is Being Swallowed By Her Hair

amberheard2_crop.jpgvia WBE

Truth, Justice and the American Way: On the heels of a British Superman, Vulture explains why none of our superheroes are played by Americans. Apparently our actors tend to be kind of wimpy. [Vulture]

The Robe: The Ace Hotel’s robe (with terrycloth courtesy of Wings + Horns) is finally available online. [Ace Hotel Blog]

This. Changes. Everything.: Ladies and gentlemen, the Android tablet. [CrunchGear]

So Put Your Little Hand in Mine…: A thorough guesstimate of the time Bill Murray spends in a loop in Groundhog Day. It adds up to about 34 years. [Obsessed With Film]

Amber Heard Loves Dr. Pepper

You Didn’t Hear it From Me: An elegy for the New York gossip beat, as related by a few veterans. Fine gentlemen, all. [Village Voice]

Sleep Tight: The bedbug scourge starts cutting into the vintage market. [NYTimes]

It Helps if It’s a Sweater: Esky’s guide to the lost art of wearing white after Labor Day. [Esquire]

The Small Screen: A new batch of magical, revolutionary updates from Apple, cut into small and understandable pieces. [Lifehacker]

Trying to be Amber Heard


Look Back in Amber: DETAILS makes the most of its time with Amber Heard. [DETAILS]

Great Scott: The Sartorialist gives GQ UK some style advice. One highlight: He recommends owning only one pair of jeans. [GQ UK]

Almost Blue: Complex counts down the ten best jeans under $100. Street or no, it’s hard to deny APC. [Complex]

The List: Counting down 50 things being killed by the internet. “Your spare time” didn’t make the list. [Telegraph]