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Amanda Seyfried Is an Unorthodox Detective

One Shot at a Time: A fantastic interview with Bruce Weber, containing the following: “You have to fight for your work—everybody has to. You have to be able to get knocked down and stand back up.” Truth. [The Talks]

The Virginian Belt: Valet tracks down some handsome handcrafted belts from Ledbury. [Valet]

Drunk in the Booth: Courtesy of a recent book, Deadspin recounts an altercation between Al Michaels and a drunken Howard Cosell in the booth at the ’84 American League Championships. Amazing. [Deadspin]

It’s Baaaack: Pop Up Flea. Act like you know. [A Continuous Lean]

Amanda Seyfried Is Communicating By Bird

Women at Work: Women at work, during the Rosie-the-Riveter days. Ladies? [Archival Clothing]

Brace Yourself: An ode to leather suspenders. We’d definitely like to see more of these. [Men’s Flair]

Ok, This Is The Last SXSW Post: Musings on less-than-credible hip-hop and indie pop, as the festival matures. [Vulture]

And Just Because It’s Friday: Wilson Pickett, soul man and owner of a spectacular pair of loafers, would have been 70 years old today. [YouTube]

Amanda Seyfried Has Joined a Biker Gang

Today’s Object of Desire: A Drake’s knit tie, looking pretty good. [Selectism]

A Perfect Circle: The circular Lennon shade is making a comeback. It’s a tough look to pull off—and, we’ll speculate, without much staying power—but it looks great on a runway. [Antenna]

Streets Is Watchin’: The Times sits down with street-art guru Roger Gastman…who is slightly less crazy than we had hoped. [T Magazine]

On the Road Again: Happy birthday, Jack Kerouac. R [NYLON Magazine]

Amanda Seyfried’s Photoshoot Has Been Disrupted by Mice


But Not Really: Amanda Seyfried conducts a nude interview with Justin Timberlake. In light of that fact, the pictures are somewhat disappointing. [Interview]

Good News for Alan Rickman: In honor of yesterday’s holiday, Esky casts all the notable presidents with vaguely sinister actors. [Esquire]

A Thought For Your Pennies: Mister Crew performs some guerilla un-branding: scratching the logo off his Ray Bans with a penny. [Mister Crew]

The Voyage Home: The final leg of that well-dressed motorcycle voyage. Handsome stuff. [Apropos Foto]

Frances Tulk-Hart is a Morning Person


The New School of Editorial: You’ll see this one in a gallery, not a glossy mag. But it’s only a matter of time. [Refinery29]

Choices, Choices: Amanda Seyfried is worried her fans don’t want to see her sleep with Julianne Moore in Chloe. We would like to assure her that this is not the case. [Vulture]

Turning Pages: Bruno Maddox is nostalgic for the world of plain-text erotica. Not to be a whippersnapper, but it seems like the sexual equivalent of riding a horse to work. [GQ]

To Go With Your Power Tie: Lifehacker praises the power nap. Unfortunately we fell asleep halfway through reading the piece. [Lifehacker]

Amanda Seyfried is Not as Big an Abba Fan as You Might Think


Mamma Mia!: Amanda Seyfried takes a moment away from the art world to pass through Esquire’s boudoir. [Esquire]

Just Say No: A thorough case for not buying an iPad—even though they’re shipping the first ones today. Restrain yourselves. [TechCrunch]

Liberated: Liberty of London sells out its first New York pop-up shop in two days. There's a lesson in there somewhere...[Racked]

Friends of Kempt: The fine folks at Hickoree’s pick up one of our favorite chicken-oriented humor magazines. [Hickoree's Hard Goods]

Fashion Masters, Confessions of the Damned, and Holding onto the Tie


Flower Girl: Amanda Seyfried once starred alongside Lindsay Lohan. That wheelbarrow back there is probably a trade up. [Vanity Fair]

Four!: The "Worst Golf Fashions"? Oh, Time, when will you learn? The worse it gets, the better it is. [Time]

Save The Tie!: Hell of a lot easier than saving the whales, no? [Style Savage]

Man Talk: Shipley and Halmos discuss the finer points of male grooming—Joey or Van? It's Van. [A Continuous Lean]

Mea Culpa: An Italian couple asks forgiveness for having sex in a church's confessional booth, which we see as kind of pointless. We mean, once you've crossed that line, there's really no reason to even try to go back—hell awaits. [Telegraph UK]