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Alyssa Miller Wears a Tie to Shower


Sweating Through the Scarf: The gentlemen of Street Etiquette transition into fall. [Street Etiquette]

The New Class: Brooks Brothers also transitions into fall… [Dreams of Perfection]

One More Time: …and Ralph Lauren transitions into fall with a clearance sale on their summer gear. [The Choosy Beggar]

The Unwebbed Masses: According to Pew, a full 20% of adult Americans never go on the internet. But how do they know what clothes to wear? [TechCrunch]

Alyssa Miller is Reflecting

The Second Coming of Schott: What happens when you throw some leather jacket gurus into a room full of selvage? Easily the coolest jackets we’ve seen all year. [Esquire]

Lots of Fish: Everyone is two inches taller and 10% poorer than they say on their online dating profile. Also, out of their goddamn minds. [Gizmodo]

Insecticide: Someone made a portrait of a cowboy out of 200,000 dead ants. We just thought you should know. [ANIMAL]

Trust the Beard: Anything with both Robert Downey Jr.and Zach Galifianakis in it, we will watch. For instance, this trailer. [/Film]