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The Almost Icon: Pharrell Williams

  • Najib Benouar

1621248406da2b4e3e8e7321b438ac4b527305ec Our style icons usually benefit from seeing their sartorial triumphs through a tightly curated, impossibly cool, rose-tinted lens—especially if they lived in a generally more stylish era.

Which makes it tough for guys of our generation, like Pharrell Williams.

We’ve watched Mr. Williams grow into a pretty stylish fellow over the years, while being good for producing at least one “song of summer” each summer for the past decade—which is surely the sort of thing that will be looked back upon as iconic. But at this point in his sartorial career, we can still only speculate whether he’ll be a first-ballot style icon or not. There have been good signs so far: designing clothing with the likes of Mark McNairy. And glimmers of brilliance: making tailoring choices that might even have Thom Browne blushing. But he’s not there yet. (Partially due to the fact that he’s only 40.) He’s close, though, and we think we can help.

So let us take a look back at the style evolution and then look forward to a brighter future of the Almost Icon, Pharrell Williams...»