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Santa Goes #Menswear

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve long championed the idea of wearing a daily uniform that reflects your personal style, and Old St. Nick has been doing it for centuries (luckily, this is the only time of year you can get away with a red velvet suit).

But the fine folks at Joint London imagined what Papa Noel might wear if he woke up this holiday season in a style rut and decided to try on some Alexander Wang, or Saint Laurent, or Martin Margeila...

And just in case you’re still looking for the perfect holiday cards, these hilariously spot-on illustrations can be downloaded and printed—check them out.»

The Longhairs

On the heels of Fashion Week, Daily Intel has spotted an interesting trend: models with shoulder-length hair, even at shows for otherwise classic brands like Steven Alan and Tommy Hilfiger.

Intel’s got a bunch of theories, including the down economy and the decline of the clean-cut banker—and Don Draper types—but we know Italian style when we see it, and we’re going to call this as one more example of Continental Drift.

Allow us to explain…»

The Billow

This snap from Assembly’s latest lookbook got us musing on summer style, specifically the chunk of it that doesn’t come from Milan.

The designer behind it is Greg Armas, a New Yorker by way of Los Angeles, with more love for Rick Owens than Gianni Agnelli. That might put him at odds with the Italophile tumblrs out there, but it shouldn’t—and this snap is a good example of why.

Aside from the Cossack belt, it’s not that far from the unstructured gospel of Pitti Uomo. It’s just looser, along the lines of Alexander Wang and the flock of Japanese and Korean designers that most bloggers don’t see outside of Fashion Week. And on a hot day like today (there are plenty of them in Kyoto), adding some billow to your jacket feels like a pretty good idea.

Best in Show


We stopped by GQ’s fete for new menswear designers last night, and the message was pretty clear: the state of the menswear union is strong. Six designers were selected to put together a capsule line with Dockers: Patrik Ervell, Michael Bastian for Gant, T by Alexander Wang, Rick Klotz from Warriors of Radness, Kirk Miller from Miller’s Oah and the trio of gents behind Riviera Club. This afternoon, the judges named Alexander Wang as their pick—but we‘d point out that all of the nominees were in a room with Kanye, which technically makes them all winners.

More seriously, the collaboration brought out some of the best in all the designers involved. Riviera Club proved their fall/winter chops (or possibly their love of tweed), Michael Bastian pioneered something we’re going to call “the carnival chalet look,” and Patrik Ervell kept his inner deconstructivist in check long enough to create one of the slickest heathered suits we’ve ever seen. With any luck, it’ll be arriving at Bloomingdale’s in the fall with the rest of the capsule collection—which should give you time to consider whether you’ve got the panache to pull it off.