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Everything You Need to Know About Your New Year’s Eve Bow Tie

  • Najib Benouar

One of our favorite sartorial holiday traditions is the New Year’s Eve tuxedo.

And the most important part of the look is your bow tie—sitting there, dead center, staring back at everyone, inviting them to drink in your tuxedoed-ness in full splendor. Done right, a well-chosen bow tie can make up for some overzealous peak lapels or lightly scuffed tux loafers, but the wrong one could ruin an otherwise splendid black-tie affair. The trick is to choose wisely and make it a notch different than anyone else who dare rival your penguin suit. (And by different, we mean better.)

So we’ve gone ahead and rounded up your three best bow tie options for the night of the big countdown—and thrown in a primer on how to tie them, just in case you need a refresher.»

Marie Liljedahl has Just Seen a Bedbug

marieliljedahl_crop.jpgvia WBE

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The Triumphant Return of Alexander Olch


Alexander Olch has kept a pretty low profile the last couple seasons, but it looks like he’s been busier than anyone suspected. His new spring/summer crop weighs in with over 100 new items and a genuinely mind-boggling array of fabric tricks. Our favorite—aside from the wool ties, which pretty much go without saying—is the new batch of cloth-lined notebooks conveniently bundled with a matching pocket square. Great to have you back, sir.



This one has been building steam for a while (exhibits A and B), so we’re hesitant to call it a trend, so instead we’ll put it this way: You should think about wearing suspenders.

No, seriously.

Slip a pair on next time you doff a jacket and you might be shocked to find your pants draping a whole lot better, and avoiding the cinch-and-billow look that plagues the belted trouser. You can take off the jacket for a more adventurous look—joining the trads, the Americanists and the tie revivalists all at once—or keep it on and enjoy the benefits in relative secrecy.

It can still be hard to find a good pair, but we recommend these from Alexander Olch, which you might have seen at a shop or two recently, or trying the vintage route. One advantage of picking up the trend on the early side: you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Taking Inventory


We can never get enough English wool ties…and apparently neither can Alexander Olch.

The latest version isn’t too much a break from his earlier work—the same impeccable English wool and rough weave—but the story behind it is a little more complex than usual. It’s part of the first batch of Ryan Willms’ Inventory stock, which means the wool was selected by Mr. Willms himself, and the 20 ties he has in stock are the only ones of this kind you’ll find anywhere.

Of course, you could always look elsewhere in the Olch catalog if they sell out…but that shade of navy seems worth snapping up early.