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Introducing Beach Week... with Sunglasses

  • Kempt Staff


It might not be this weekend—though there is a good chance it will be—or the next weekend, but soon enough you’re going to find yourself at the beach.

And you should be prepared.

Which is why we’re declaring it Beach Week here on Kempt, in an effort to send you to the shore in style. We’re rounding up all of the pertinent essentials, from reading material to sunglasses. In fact, that’s where we’re starting: the almighty shades.

Herewith, the best new sunglasses on the market this season.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Eddie Redmayne

It’s always nice to see a rising star on the make—especially when he knows his way around a velvet blazer.

The gentleman in question is Eddie Redmayne, spotted at the world premiere of My Week with Marilyn in which he seduces no less than Marilyn Monroe.

The jacket is from Alexander McQueen, impressive enough in its own right, but we’re particularly taken with that tie, which Mr. Redmayne is wearing tucked into his beltline as if he just stepped off the streets of Milan.

Not too shabby.

Natalia Vodianova is Working on her Base Tan


On the Beach: Natalia Vodianova grapples with an unbelievably small beach towel. [Refinery29]

Fare Thee Well: The L.A. Times turns in one of the better Alexander McQueen appreciations of the day. Raise a glass. [All the Rage]

Don’t You Love a Singer: A critical appraisal of John Mayer as a human. The lesson: maybe try to be less of a jerk. [This Recording]

Jean Shop: Michael Williams tours the heritage denim of London. [A Continuous Lean]

January, Patrick, and Kate


Calendar Girl: Mad Men’s January Jones hits GQ UK (or is it GQUK?) looking anglophilic as ever. [SwipeLife]

Down Pat: Patrik Ervell breaches the magical world of glossy print ads. [Refinery29]

War and Heels: Like Napoleon before him, Alexander McQueen is stalled in his conquest of Moscow. [The Independent]

The All-Water Diet: Kate Moss plans a cookbook, based on her several encounters with food. [FashionIndie]

Loose Threads: Stain Edition


Making fun of high-fashion shows is usually pretty close to shooting fish in a barrel. They know it’s ridiculous; that’s the point. But while we’re willing to let the occasional rubber butcher outfit slide, we felt compelled to bring this particular Alexander McQueen outfit to light.

Usually, when you want to capture a thought in clothing form, you don’t want the thought to be “did he have chowder for lunch?”

Alternate History


Now that the industry is digging up history at an alarming rate—1962? Check. 1977? Check. 1991? We’re working on it—it was only a matter of time before we lapsed into full-blown Renaissance Fair mode.

In fact, that moment may already be here.

The New York Times style section has just devoted a full 1500 words to steampunk, beginning what trend-watchers call the “lame” period of the trend. The article name-checks Alexander McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga as potential fashionista surrogates of the style, but until we see them bust out the top hats, we’ll be skeptical»