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Nudity, Innocence, and Albinism


As Long as it’s Vital to the Plot: Eva Mendes wants to “push the envelope” even further than her scandalous Calvin Klein ads. We’re happy to hear it, but unless we’re mistaken, there isn’t much more to take off. [WWD]

An Innocent Man: Kanye is freed…but the real camera smasher is still walking the streets! [Kanye West’s Blog]

Albinism is the New Black: The only black man on the runway for Patrick Ervell albino. Somehow, this is a victory for diversity in fashion. [NYT]

Crouching Panda: Wondering what Slovenian post-structuralist Slavoj Zizek thinks of Kung Fu Panda? Now you know. [Vulture]

Equity and Iniquity


Agent Provocateur has been pushing the envelope with interactive promotion (with good and bad results), but they’ve finally outdone themselves. Their latest temptation is a video choose-your-own-adventure, guiding you through a mansion of decadence inhabited by a coven of scantily clad witches, a bleeding tomato, a virgin in peril, a half-nude albino and a conquistador. The goal is to save the virgin without succumbing to sexy enslavement but the real point is just to admire the scenery. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to take in.

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