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Going Alpine


Blame the Olympics, the Germans, and all the vintage photos, but mountaineering seems to be having a moment. It’s good to know those beards won’t go to waste…

The good news is, it’s producing some pretty fantastic gear. This Albam Summit Pack was designed for carrying carabiners and ice axes, but it wouldn’t look too out of place carrying a stack of LPs through Brooklyn on the back of a fixed gear. And since it’s from the London-based Albam—who you might remember—the whole thing’s sewn together in England, where they’ll hopefully remember a thing or two about Alpinism.

Sex Seconds, Baby’s First Fur & Palin Wallpaper


The Opposite Sex: The movie you couldn’t sit through now is now the DVD she can lock herself in the bedroom and watch on loop. Beware the hours of Sex and the City bonus features, and don’t get too comfy—the sequel is coming. [HuffPo]

Insult to Injury: After allegedly promising PETA to omit animal fur in forthcoming collections, Giorgio Armani rubs some mink in the wounds by designing fur-laden gear for infants. [The Cut]

Wall to Wall: It may not be Sarah Palin red, or have small pictorials of the American manifesto, but here’s some wallpaper that isn’t unpleasant [Apartment Therapy]

What Sourcing?: British design duo Albam refuse to outsource their manufacturing to Chine for minimalist menswear. See an interview with the boys after your chin is removed from the floor [Monocle]

Gone Batty, Defending the Slouch, and Tom Remains a Spinster


Six Films Made Better by Batman: What? Only six? We can think of thousands. [Maxim]

The Right to Sag: The ACLU is threatening a court battle in defending the slouchy pants wearers of Flint. [Newsweek]

Last Action Hero: It's always nice when the protagonist looks like your sophmore-year roommate. [The Moment]

New Classics: Albam may look familiar, but it's fresh as can be. [Dejour]

Very Punny: Kenneth Cole's are really starting to push people in the wrong direction. [Gawker]

No Tom Jr.?: Tom Ford isn't exactly in a hurry to squeeze out puppies—which is good given that he still doesn't have one of those newfangled man wombs. [NYMag]

In the Neighborhood


This week’s Monocle features a story on a London store called Albam that has made its name by promoting local production—meaning within the UK, or failing that, within western Europe—in favor of the higher profit margins but questionable labor conditions of East Asian factories. It's a common enough tale, but we couldn't resist a little peek at how things work across the pond.

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