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Atrocity Exhibition


The Watchmen movie was never going to be a fan favorite, but our current feelings about it can be expressed through the following tidbit of news, courtesy of our friends at Complex: For the closing credits, emo kids My Chemical Romance have recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s eleven-minute opus “Desolation Row.”

Please please please no.

This is everything that's wrong with the Watchmen project and Hollywood in general. Start with a genuinely interesting, prickly subject matter, then churn out an "update" with a stylistic overhaul, a dumbstruck, glib reverence, and almost none of the sinister ambiguity of the original. Isn’t there some way we can use the credit crisis to stop all of this?

Alternate History


Now that the industry is digging up history at an alarming rate—1962? Check. 1977? Check. 1991? We’re working on it—it was only a matter of time before we lapsed into full-blown Renaissance Fair mode.

In fact, that moment may already be here.

The New York Times style section has just devoted a full 1500 words to steampunk, beginning what trend-watchers call the “lame” period of the trend. The article name-checks Alexander McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga as potential fashionista surrogates of the style, but until we see them bust out the top hats, we’ll be skeptical»