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Finally, A Tumblr Devoted to Sideboob

Biking Through Italy: Michael Williams shares photos from a motorcycle tour of Italy in 1953. The Alps are beautiful, as always. [A Continuous Lean]

Perhaps I’ve Shared Too Much: Our culture of overshare reaches its apotheosis with a personal essay about deciding not to write a personal essay about something. [Gawker]

Take It on the Road: Aether has opened up a pop-up shop in an Airstream trailer, and they’re taking it from town to town, like the functional outerwear equivalent of the Grateful Dead. [Valet]

From Way Back When: Also, the new Levi’s Vintage Clothing website is pretty sharp. [Levi’s Vintage Clothing]

Cris Herrman is Pioneering Topless Yoga

Etiquette Class: The Times shows a little love to the Street Etiquette chaps, limiting themselves to one superfluous Fonzworth Bentley reference. [NYTimes]

The Gullwing Door: Michael Williams takes a spin or two in the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a rain-slicked test course outside Stuttgart. [Driven]

A Little Paint is a Dangerous Thing: Andy Warhol does strange, unnatural things to a BMW M1. [Secret Forts]

Shining Bright: Perhaps today is the day you buy a 1963 Airstream trailer for $58,000. You never know. [Gear Patrol]