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Tanith Belbin is our Favorite Name So Far


She’s a Figure Skater, Apparently: Seriously, just say it out loud. Tanith Belbin. Ta-nith…Bel-bin. [Esquire]

Soon, Facebook Will Poke People in the Eye: Unvarnished is the evil LinkedIn, which is impressive because we were already calling LinkedIn the evil Facebook. [Gawker]

Mighty, Mighty: Some wise soul has cast Agyness Deyn as Aphrodite in the upcoming Clash of the Titans. [Fashionologie]

It’s Evergreen: A reminder of how awesome a tailored navy suit can be. Our only objection: Can we swap out the black dot for a Magritte-style apple? [Put This On]

Karolin Wolter Doesn’t Quite Have the Knack of the Back-Zip


On the Table: Clearly, she is in need of some assistance. [Fashion Copious]

We’re Going With Trad: Esquire gives you the 12 styles of American man. Notably absent: gangster, CPA, and gangster CPA. [Esquire]

Aggy’s Back: Agyness Deyn gets into the movie business, via a 12-minute film noir. [The Moment]

Very Distressed: Burton’s Olympic snowboarding uniforms get the takedown they so richly deserve. [Murketing]

Just In Time for the Doublemint Spot


Double Vision: Agyness Deyn brings a second Deyn into the city, namely her younger sister Emily. [Grazia Daily]

Party Animal: Vanity Fair ponders the tragedy of Cameron Douglas. [VF Daily]

On the Beach: Photographing ten-foot waves for fun and profit. Fair warning: you’re going to get pounded. [Gizmodo]

The Kids Are Alright: A younger generation trained on internet porn is rewriting the sexual rulebook. [DETAILS]

Agyness, Austin and Art


Cherchez Le Femme: Agyness Deyn has traded Albert Hammond for (we assume) a less technically proficient guitarist. [The Cut]

Heading South: Michael Williams tours Austin’s finest Olch at a time.[A Continuous Lean]

Crazy Time: Gawker looks at Dubai and decides to get crazy artsy. We’re not sure either. [Gawker]

Greatest of all Time: Deb counts down the 100 blogs most likely to improve your life. Somehow, Failblog does not make the list. [AskDeb]

Agyness, Chemicals, and the Calendar Watch


All About Agyness: Overexposure at dizzying heights, and she's yet to do even a high fashion nude. How long until she trades Halston for Hefner? Meanwhile, Radar dissects Dean. [RadarOnline]

Match Men: A quick fix for shaving with a hangover, or a looming deadline--a chemical compound to heal nicks and cuts shaped like matchsticks, complete with book. [Maintenance for Men]

When She's Stiff: Just when you thought you ran out of things in common, apparently she can be plagued by a four hour hard-on as well. [HuffPo]

Remember The Time: An evergreen accessory for men, Valet mag ponders and praises the Timex calendar watch. [Valet]