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Drawing the Line at “Bro-tox”

We were discouraged by a profile on Good Morning America yesterday about the rising popularity of Botox among men. (We refuse to use the term “Bro-tox.”) According to ABC News, 300,000 men received injections in 2011, up 10% from the previous year. Eyelid surgery is up 15%. Face-lifts: 14%. Liposuction: 7%. Why?

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Griffin, “There’s a competition in our society for looks. Better-looking men get paid more and they get the prettier girls.”

As you might expect, we see things slightly differently...

In which we give “Bro-tox” the treatment it deserves»

The Icon: Kris Kristofferson


Aging is hard. But like the tax code, it’s something all men eventually have to deal with—some more gracefully than others.

So we thought we’d bring your attention to one of the more graceful examples: Mr. Kris Kristofferson, who’s managed to grow steadily more grizzled over the past few decades without ever looking like anyone other than himself. As for how he pulled it off, we’ve got some ideas…

The secret of the Kristofferson, after the jump»

The Grownup


Aging hipsters have been kicking around the margins of the scene since the 60s—a little too tired to dance and a little too grizzled to expect a rock band to change their life—and for all the flack they take from the younger generation, they’re among the more interesting people at any given party.

All of which is to say, the new LCD Soundsystem album is pretty damn good, and we’re coming around to James Murphy as a skinny-tie-wearing, 80s-dancing icon for our times. As it turns out, adulthood doesn't just mean a square job and a fear of hangovers.

He’s more curmudgeonly than anyone else making dance music—but thanks to an extra decade or two, he's pretty damn good at it. Give him the right backing track, and he even comes across as wise.

Up Close


If you’ve walked past a newsstand this past week, you might have seen an uncharacteristically craggy Brad Pitt staring back at you. And, for once, it isn’t CGI.

The special effects come from the photographer and photorealist painter Chuck Close, apparently at the request of Mr. Pitt himself. We don’t doubt that Pitt can get whoever he wants to take his picture, but Close isn’t a glamour artist like Annie Liebowitz, and the result ends up looking positively Eastwood-esque.

But, you know, in a good way»

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Oh, and remember to call your mother on Sunday. There's nothing wrong with a ladies' man admitting that he's also a momma's boy.