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Upgrading Your Ski Gear

  • Kempt Staff


The way the federal holidays fall this year, you could end up with a grade-school-like winter break during these last two weeks of the year.

Which means a good old-fashioned ski trip might be in the cards—whether you’ve already organized one, or you’re considering an impromptu dash for the nearest mountains. But before you head out in search of fresh powder, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the most handsome ski gear possible.

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The New Cycling Menswear to Consider for Spring

  • Najib Benouar


The seasonal shift is already under way: flowers are budding, the heavy wools are being replaced by cottons and raw silk, and soon enough you’ll be tuning up the old two-wheeler.

Luckily, there’s plenty of handsome new menswear hitting the market for spring that’s geared toward the active yet refined sport of urban cycling: performance material with a British-minded cut, jeans with secret stretch and moisture-wicking shirts—just to name a few. As for the rest:

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Here Are Your Winter Must-Haves

  • Kempt Staff

1203_MustHaves_2 If you can’t quite put your finger on why things are feeling more wintry on Kempt all of a sudden, we’d like to direct your attention to our left column.

Because we’ve just updated our must-haves with a fresh crop of seasonal necessities. We’ve got you covered on everything for outfitting yourself, your walls and your state of mind (a few might require a little creativity). But most of all, they’re here to serve as inspiration for the colder months to come.

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Aether Goes Brick-and-Mortar in SoHo

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Speaking of adventure essentials... Aether, masters of all things technically superior, have ditched the Airstream and today debut their first stand-alone store in New York City.

The glossy gray floors of the new SoHo shop are lined in backlit LED shipping containers, chock-full of aspiration and apparel for the freewheeling and sartorially minded outdoorsy sect.

Vintage motorcycles sit atop masterfully crafted Schoeller anoraks, alongside a smartly curated collection of books/dry goods with useful tips, like How to Stay Alive in the Woods.

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