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Sponsored Post: adidas Golf

Golf, it has been said, is 90% mental. The other 10%: choosing your shirt wisely...

Enter adidas Golf and their new FASHION PERFORMANCE gear, a handsome selection of polo shirts, shoes and pants that are so dapper, you’ll already be dressed for the 20th hole (the 19th hole is so 2011).

The good news, beyond sharp looks: these threads are still designed with the game-enhancing technology you’ve come to expect from adidas. For a good idea of what the stuff looks like in action, check out PGA Tour pro Jason Day.

Consider us your sartorial caddie.

Sponsored Post: adidas FASHION PERFORMANCE

Just in time for golf season, adidas Golf is ushering in a new kind of golf gear with FASHION PERFORMANCE. They’re rolling out big-time polos with the wizardry you need on the course and a sharp-enough look to hold their own even after you’ve left the clubhouse.

And in the amazing-golfers-who-decided-this-was-the-best-gear-around department, there’s PGA Tour professional Jason Day, currently birdieing his way through the Tour wearing FASHION PERFORMANCE this year. Check out the goods here, just in time for your birdieing season.

The Olympic Sneaker

The Olympics are just four months off, and we’re already starting to see a trickle of special-edition gear themed for London’s 2012 Games. Britain’s official uniforms leaked out this morning, but our favorite so far is this 5 Plug sneaker from Adidas, available on Oki-ni now. It’s modeled after the 1984 British handball team’s sneakers, complete with a Union Jack on the back and the latest in Thatcher-era sneaker innovation—five plugs that can be pushed in and out to alter the stiffness of the sole. Sadly, the handball in question is the weird European kind, but it should work just as well for the New York version.

Elisabeth Moss Is Both Good Cop and Bad Cop

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Russell Simmons

Despite every indication to the contrary, a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be brilliant.

Caught outside Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash at Lavo, Russell Simmons costume doesn’t look that different from something he might wear on the street (give or take a few decades) but style is style. If you’re an old-school hip-hop legend, Adidas and chains are always going to look pretty good on you. And we’d guess he didn’t have to do too much digging to find the right ones.

As for a blow-by-blow of each item…we’d start here.