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A Gentleman’s Guide to the Summer Hat

The sun just woke up. And it is angry.

So while during the other eight months of the year, a brimmed hat might be a lovable affectation, we’ve entered the scorching stretch of days when that brim serves a vital function. You need shelter from the sun—and if possible, you’d like to do it without looking like a complete yokel. If you’re ready to move beyond the baseball cap, we’ve got three places for you to look...

Three prime options for your summer hat»

The Avant Flannel

Adam Kimmel

File this one along with your pre-fall wishlist. It’s from Adam Kimmel’s forward-thinking Carhartt collab, and a sharp twist on the plaids you’ve been seeing just about everywhere. We’re calling it “futuristic lumberjack.”

That means muted colors and line arrangements that look straight out of Tron. It also means a surprisingly versatile item: Throw a blazer over it and you’ll be straight out of a Woody Allen movie—we mean that in a good way—but leave it untucked and you won’t look out of place at a Fruit Bats show. Not bad, Mr. Kimmel.

Street Life


After dressing up the art world in sharp suits and grotesque masks for his F/W show, Adam Kimmel seems to be running wild again.

This snap comes from his new Snoop Dogg-inspired collection, modeled by a clever mix of street-cast naturals and look-perfect models. The suits are still the same continental sartorialism you’d expect from Mr. Kimmel, but you’ve probably never seen it matched with a jeweled low-rider bike before.

It's easily the most Crip-friendly collection you’ll see all year.

Saunas are the New Nude Beaches


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Pick a Card: Apparently Adam Kimmel is friends with David Blaine. Honestly, we’re still coming to terms with that fact. [Interview]

It’s Full of Stars


On the heels of enlisting the photographer behind the Marlboro Man for his fashion week presentation, Adam Kimmel managed to sneak this tie into shops. The stripes are missing, but the stars on their own do a pretty good job of signaling an Americana vibe that appears to be Mr. Kimmel’s new stock-in-trade.

It’s all the more impressive because this is still a skinny tie—hardly a cowboy staple. Think of it as a well-timed cross-cultural purée.

Throwing a Shoe


Hoof in Mouth: David Lynch produces predictably terrifying erotica. [Wallpaper]

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Pride of the Yankees: A team shot of the 1927 Yankees pulls down $350,000 at auction. In related news, a camera phone snap of Derek Jeter just sold to TMZ for 18 cents. [Luxist]



Big Black Boots usually fit into what might charitably be called “the industrial look,” but when it’s this cold, you may be able to work them into your wardrobe a bit more subtly.

It’s not a formal look, so we’d keep them as far away from your suit as possible, but when you’re trudging through the snow on your off-hours, you’ll be glad to have something heavy between your toes and the outside world—and it may match with your puffy coat better than you think. Like we always say, the right clothes for the circumstances will always be stylish.

And if you’re wondering which boots are the right ones, these Adam Kimmels don’t look too bad. Provided you don’t mind paying in Euros.

The Usual Suspects

ervell_crop.jpg’s Spring ’09 preview just went up and it looks like next year is going to be interesting. The names are all familiar—Condé Nast has clout for a reason, after all—but they all seem to be working just outside their comfort zone. Band of Outsiders shows up looking uncharacteristically yachty, Duckie Brown has a depressive moment, and Shipley & Halmos indulges their inner corporate raider. It’s good to know nobody’s getting too comfortable.

The outfit that really caught our eye was this vertical-striped number from Patrik Ervell. The stripes are a little on the carnivalesque side—coincidentally, Adam Kimmel has some matching pants—but it’s just bold enough to work, especially paired with a banker's collar and neutral pants. Well played, sir.

Guitar Heroine, Do The Brady, and Crushing on Squash


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Bloody Butchers, Bad Dogs and Model Prisoners


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Drawers Raise a Stink: The latest banned ads in Europe aren't by Tom Ford, but rather the product of Hanes' anti-racism, anti-subtleness marketing department. [DNR]

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Fashion Week Hangover #3


Continuing with our top-ten New York Fashion Week countdown, we've got to tip you in on who we left out. Adam Kimmel was at Pitto Uomo, like so many of the best New York designers. For Kimmel, though, the tradeshow became a personal graduation party, so this year he looses his city privileges this season. Ralph transcends lists, Obedient Sons (love 'em as we do) took a turn for the slouchy, and Mr. Thom Browne, well, he's in a class by himself. On with the list...

6. DKNY:

You were still playing Contra when Donna Karen was a growing concern. Retired and now renewed, Karen is still a considerable name and her DKNY (see above) remains a good source for office-proof, stylish essentials. The black cardigan, slate blazer and raincoat are subtly sly and everything else manages to stay within the lines of trend and classic elegance without attracting too much attention. For those of you who tread lightly and carry big sticks. [Men.Style]

And #5 is...»

It's a Pitti

Pitti Uomo 2008 Adam Kimmel dinner

Pitti Uomo 2008 Adam Kimmel dinner

So for those of you who aren't caught up in the seemingly endless world tour of fashion weeks and marketing conferences (and who is), the past week's Pitti Uomo—a mostly menswear exhibition in Florence-represents what is perhaps some of them best in male dress.

Alas, we have too many sartorial obligations on the homefront, so instead of enjoying our breathless coverage from the cobblestone streets of Firenze, you'll have to make due with this list of links and wrap ups »

IPOs, Wide Loads and Heath Hearts Gemma

Gemma Ward

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Slimboy Fat: Clooney rocks the wide look, perhaps hastening the eclipse of the skinny tie. She Knows Best [Magnificent Bastard]

Aussie Love: Heath Ledger squires model Gemma Ward. Not bad for a balding single dad. [Nimoy]