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A Shirt Built for You, $20 Off


If you don’t already have the up-and-coming shirt company by the name of Trumaker on your radar, you should. (And if you do, nice work. Keep reading.)

See, right now they’re giving new and returning customers an exclusive $20 off a built-to-fit shirt with the code SPRING14 at

A little background: the San Francisco–based outfit (with Chicago roots) has been making a name for itself by turning out the sort of handsome, perfect-fitting dress shirts you’ll actually want to wear—without requiring a banker’s collar or salary. They do this thanks to the magic of the Internet and a nationwide network of Outfitters—think personal shopper meets tailor.

Those Outfitters come to you—at the office, the laundromat, wherever it is you’re most comfortable—and measure you up. Then you’ve got your pick of shirts sourced from world-class textile mills, and a few more details to iron out should you be so inclined. (This isn’t your average stuffy bespoke job, nor will there be an overwhelming amount of choices. The curating has been done for you.)

Then, about 30 minutes later, you’re done, and Trumaker will get busy working on your shirts. And before you know it, your new shirts will be at your door.

That simple.

A 24-Hour Underwear Exclusive


For all the obsessing over sartorial minutiae that happens on the Internet, one of the most important elements of our daily wardrobe doesn’t get much attention: underwear.

And that’s a damn shame.

So today we set out to right that wrong. And you’ve got 24 hours to do the same.

Because our esteemed colleagues at UrbanDaddy and the maestros of underthings at MeUndies are teaming up to get you back on track in the boxer/brief department with three ridiculously comfortable pairs for half off the retail price.

What you need to know: these underwear are designed in Los Angeles and made from the highest quality modal sourced from the high Alps of Austria. It’s ultrasoft. And it never rises. And... well, it’s perfect.

The Exclusive MeUndies x UrbanDaddy Three-Pack is only available for the next 24 hours. So you’ll need to act fast.

You can figure out what you’re wearing over them later.

Use code UD33 to pick up the three-pack.

The Sperrys You’ll Be Wearing All Fall

  • Kempt Staff


You know Sperry Top-Siders.

Of course you do.

There’s a picture of them in the dictionary under “boat shoe.” You can wear them anywhere, from schooners to rooftop bars. And they pair with tweed and seersucker alike.

Well, now they’re unveiling something called the Gold Cup Collection—a fall arsenal of boaters, saddle shoes and chukkas perfectly timed for any autumnal adventures on the high seas or otherwise. Naturally, since originating the boat shoe in 1935, they’ve picked up a few tricks along the way, so you can expect even more ruggedly refined touches, like deerskin lining and some advanced technology to increase the grippiness of the soles in this new line.

Never underestimate the importance of grippiness.