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Your 2013 Summer No-Reading List

  • Kempt Staff


There’s nothing better than a good summer read—especially when it doesn’t require much actual reading.

You don’t need all of that flowery prose cluttering up your perfectly good beach weekend or scenic train ride upstate. What you need is a handsome book full of glossy pages you can breezily flip through at will. Whether it’s clever infographics with easily digestible tidbits, photos of interesting cultural phenomenon or just Paz de la Huerta wearing a lot of different wigs, there are plenty of new books out this season that make for ideal summer lounging companions.

So, herewith, the five new books to put on your summer no-reading list.»

Seven Essential Cycling Upgrades

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


News flash: it’s hot out there. By “there,” we mean everywhere. The sun is oppressive, and the humidity pervasive.

Of course, there are the traditional remedies: Slip ’N Slides, ice baths, water-balloon fights and the like. But sometimes, there’s no better way to shake the thick summer heat than hopping on your bike and getting a bit of wind in your hair. And as always, we think you should look good doing it.

So we searched high and low for the sartorial upgrades your summer cycling requires.

Check out all seven after the jump.»

A Gentleman’s Guide to Dining Alone

  • Jason Wire

Dining Alone

Dinner plans: you’ve got ’em.

Tapas with friends. Family-style Italian feasts. Surf-and-turf date nights. Late-night tacos. Bottomless mimosa power brunches. All of which have one thing in common: other people.

Which, one could argue, is the entire point of eating. Hell, entire books have been written on this subject. But those who fear the company of no one are missing out on a truly noble and gratifying experience.

Which is why every once in a blue supermoon, it’s a good idea to dine alone. Not because you have to, but because you can. And just because you’ve chosen to spend the night in your own good company doesn’t mean microwavable burritos on your couch—in fact, we believe it should prompt the opposite.

And so allow us to present: the Gentleman’s Guide to Dining Alone.»

The 5 Autumnal Things to Do by Week’s End

Now that you’ve changed your clocks, it’s high time you completed the rest of your autumnal to-dos—especially if you wasted that extra hour on Homeland reruns or marveling at your newly regained electricity by flipping the lights on and off. And this week is your last chance to get focused. Luckily, we’ve put together a short checklist that should have you prepared for success during the rest of the season. You might want to print this out:

The 5 Things You Need to Do This Week if You Haven’t Already: The Fall Edition...»

Weekending the Right Way: Being Childish

Labor Day is still a week off, but for all intents and purposes, this will serve as the last weekend of summer. After all, it’s the kid in us who cares about summer to begin with, and nothing says “autumnal equinox” to a kid quite like dozens of back-to-school commercials during the Little League World Series.

Which got us thinking—it’s been quite a grown-up summer so far, with our alfresco parties and our well-behaved houseguests and our member-guest golf tournaments. We almost forgot the most important part of summer: doing things you suck at. Being a beginner. Failing in front of the group. Flying blind. Skinning your knees.

So on that note, we suggest you jump in the nearest pool, close your eyes tight and start shouting “Marco!”

Here’s to being the fish out of water.

The Kempt Guide to the New Year’s Resolution

It's seems like a long way off, we know, but in a scant five days New Year's will be upon us. And with it, New Year's Resolutions. And since it would be a shame to let a seasonal surge in willpower and self-knowledge go to waste, we’d like to offer up a little wisdom on how to properly resolve yourself, and help 2012 live up to the hype. It’s going to be a good year…

Three pieces of advice, as we head into resolution season»