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Acre: Your Cycling Gear Just Got Even Handsomer

  • Najib Benouar


Consider this a late-breaking addition to your handsome outdoor adventure essentials for the season...

Because a new batch of rugged, tailored tech sportswear has just landed on the scene in the form of Acre, from San Francisco’s urban-cycling-centric Mission Workshop.

They spent this past summer thoroughly putting the gear through its paces on the trails of the French Alps—which made for some spectacular sportswear and photo ops—so you can rest assured that their fully seamed waterproof cycling jacket and merino wool henley tee are more than up to the task for any high-impact leaf peeping you might be planning on. Or just a particularly misty fall weekend peddling around town. And if either item were to find its way into your morning commute, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s a good look at the gear in action, after the jump...»