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The Single Most Important Detail On Your Summer Jacket

Acne Jacket

This gentleman from the latest Acne show reminded us of a certain oft-overlooked detail.

It’s a simple thing, holding true for denim jackets and Harringtons alike. And it’s the source of the ineffable sharpness radiating from the pic…but naturally, you’re going to have to click through to find out what it is.

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Silver and Gold


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Out to Sea


We’ve been digging canvas sneakers for a while, but Acne seems to have taken the look to its natural conclusion: the sailboat. These Stroll Low sneakers aren’t obviously nautical, but those grommets do look awfully familiar. Of course, actually wearing them on a sailboat would be the preppy equivalent of the trucker tux, but as long as you ditch them in the marina you should be fine.

Skin and Bones


We’ve always been on the side of precise tailoring, but it takes all kinds, and there are always a few new fits to try out.

Acne has been pushing clean, unbroken drapes as much as anyone outside of Japan, and we’re starting to come around. The typical dig is that they make you look like a clothes hanger—skin and bones, as our mother would say—but if the colors are right, you could do a lot worse. In this case, the colors are deep maroons and somber grays, which is about right.

And if you’ve ever passed through Stockholm, you’ll know why.

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The Old School


We mostly know Acne for their raw denim, but apparently they’re a lot more mod than we gave them credit for.

This Spring/Summer 09 collection is a lot more colorful than we expect from them…in addition to containing some of the shortest men’s shorts we’ve ever seen. On the bright side, there are suits with sandals, a brash commitment to sneakers and a general atmosphere of mod-ish insouciance.

Well played, fellows.

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