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Kempt Man of the Hour: Aziz Ansari

MOTHaziz_crop.jpgvia GoaG

MOTHs are usually a pretty formal affair, but we’re can’t resist a well-executed crew neck, particularly if the occasion calls for it.

In this case, the occasion is a Target gala at the Ace Hotel—practically a Bermuda Triangle of above-it-all dishevelment. And while Aziz Ansari certainly knows his way around a suit, this time he went with a retro crewneck sweater better suited to lazy Sundays than industry galas. The telling detail here is the collar, a shrunken spread collar fanned out as wide as it’ll go. Poke around menswear blogs for long enough and you’ll peep the same trick in JFK's yacht pictures, which makes for a pretty good precedent.

It’s not quite enough to mark Aziz as a well-dressed comedian, but at this point he’s got cred to spare.

Amber Heard is Being Swallowed By Her Hair

amberheard2_crop.jpgvia WBE

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Mona Johannesson is Trying to Remember Where She Parked

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Catching the Transfer


Now that it’s fallen out of production, the Polaroid snap is getting perilously close to being an icon. Of course, having a few artists on the case doesn’t hurt.

She Hit Pause specializes in grungy, Richardson-esque polaroids that get dismantled and transferred onto watercolor paper for an extra bit of texture. His most recent success was landing a few pieces in New York’s recently opened Ace Hotel, where we’re guessing a bit of blurry stocking would fit right in.

See a few more snaps»

Get Comfortable


Different clothes celebrate different states of mind, so while a suit may not make you the captain of industry you were hoping for, don’t be surprised if you’re standing a little straighter thanks to the clothes on your back. Of course, if you’re after the opposite effect…there’s always the bathrobe.

This particular model comes from Wings + Horns, and it’s the best celebration of indolence we’ve seen in some time. It was commissioned for the Ace Hotel’s New York branch, but Seattle’s Blackbird managed to get their hands on a few of them for sale. The slanted pockets are a particularly nice touch, for those times when your phone is ringing and you can’t be bothered to reach all the way over to the nightstand.

Sunday morning, here we come.