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The Steel Helmut


The overlap between the fashion and art world tends to be a sly, embarrassed one—at least, as long as you’re name isn’t Murakami. But we’re always happy when designers spread their wings, especially on the web.

Helmut Lang recently put up a virtual gallery with some of his less wearable items—like heavily textured pine tar on wooden boards, or the riveted stacks above. The best part to our eyes is the rotating images on the website that let you see Helmut’s precious creations from any angle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be truly upscale without a liquor sponsor, so Helmut’s latest project gets the moniker “In an Absolut World.” Just because it’s art doesn’t mean it can’t be good business.

Being Kanye West


The Be Kanye website has finally launched and we feel we can now say, without fear of contradiction, that Mr. West has proved himself a master of web design, as well as rap production, product placement, lyrics, television, men’s style, and (why not?) polevaulting. We’re especially impressed by the “Not Tested on Animals” button in the lower left that rolls over to a tiger.

We were impressed when the ads first dropped, but Kanye appears to have a few more tricks up his sleeve.

It’s Kany-Easy


We’ve seen a lot of weird endorsements, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Ostensibly, it’s an ad for Absolut Vodka, but the Absolut name isn’t mentioned until the final shot and vodka isn’t mentioned at all. It looks like an infomercial but the product is not just imaginary but also impossible. And why are there flying tigers? How could this have happened? How could a video this strange not only come into existence, but be produced and aired on a commercial scale?

The answer, of course, is Kanye.

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