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Revenge of the Nerd Crew

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Sweating It: Your 60-second guide to the holiday sweater (also a Kempt must-have). [Valet]

Easy Abe: Vulture ranks every Abraham Lincoln biopic ever made, in terms of how historically accurate they will make your school essay. [Vulture]

Geek Out: An excellent oral history on one of the greatest overlooked high school dramas of our time, Freaks and Geeks. [Vanity Fair]

Caps on Caps on Caps: In case our guide below wasn’t enough, here’s more knit caps for your wintry headwear needs. [To Take the Train]

Laura Blokhina Has Seen a Hummingbird

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To Button, or Not to Button: Men’s Flair waxes poetic on the charms of the cardigan and delves into the question of whether the bottom button should be fastened. [Men’s Flair]

In Cider Trading: Everything you need to know about the tipple of the season: hard cider. (Including where to find the good stuff.) [Valet]

Abe L. Bodied Men: On the occasion of Lincoln’s premiere, Slate tips their top hat to a dozen impressive Abraham Lincoln impersonators. [Slate]

All He Wants for His Birthday...: Celebrating the 77th birthday of French style icon Alain Delon. [Driven]

Bar Refaeli Would Like to Show You Her Capital

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The Hottest Tour Guide in Israel. From chic shops to secret beaches to her parents’ house, Bar Refaeli takes Vanity Fair, and now you, on a tour of her native Tel Aviv. Mazel tov. [Vanity Fair]

Abraham Lincoln Looks Like a Movie Star. The fate of human dignity is in the hands of Daniel Day Lewis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stars of Spielberg’s eagerly anticipated feature, the trailer for which was released today. Esquire’s got the review. (Honestly.) [Esquire]

The Babe. (No, the Other One.) Grantland presents the remarkable tale of Nanci Donnellan, better known as “Fabulous Sports Babe,” the first lady of sports talk radio. (Though not married to Steve “The Schmooze” Somers.) [Grantland]

Your Ski Poles Just Got Greener... Two former World Cup alpine racers, tired of snowless ski seasons, developed state-of-the-art ski poles made from sustainable materials, including bamboo. (Wait, what?) [Gear Patrol]

The Watch That Got Lincoln Laid

At some point between 1839 and 1842, Abraham Lincoln bought a gold pocket watch and inscribed it with the words “To Miss Mary Todd – A Token of my Everlasting Devotion and Affection – Abe Lincoln.” Miraculously, it’s being auctioned off on Saturday at Morphy’s, amongst a spattering of occupational shaving mugs, vintage Chevrolets and British biscuit tins.

The watch itself is 18K gold, but who really gives a shit? Experts are predicting it will sell for between $30,000 and $60,000, which strikes us as a pretty good price for a solid gold love letter written by the guy who freed the slaves.

And since you already made the trip, why not two-birds/one-stone it and snag a couple British biscuit tins for Dad?

The Icon: Daniel Day-Lewis

St. Patrick’s Day is just two days away, so we thought we’d dedicate this week’s icon to one of the most stylish Irishmen currently on the scene. We’re thinking of Daniel Day-Lewis, he of the piercing blue eyes and the method intensity. And as a man of refinement, he also happens to know his way around a tailor’s office.

Our five favorite Daniel Day-Lewis pics, after the jump»

Scarlett Johansson Has Just Seen a Mouse

Zoos and Avenging: Scarlett Johansson talks with Arianna Huffington about her next few movies, and yes, those photos. [Interview]

In the Country Fair: A tour of what the English countryside actually looks like. There’s less tweed than you’d expect. [Vanity Fair]

A Man and His Blade: A guide to choosing the perfect survival knife. Yes, this is the woodsiest blog post ever. [Art of Manliness]

The Chinstrap: The first pictures of Daniel Day-Lewis in his Lincoln beard have leaked onto the Web. It’s spectacular. [/Film]

THE REENTRY: Monday, September 12th

We’re confident that you were presented with ample opportunity over the weekend to memorialize 9-11 in cathedrals of your own. One of the more poignant moments we saw at yesterday’s service came from former president George W. Bush who quoted a 1864 letter by Abraham Lincoln to a Massachusetts mother of two sons killed in the Civil War:

I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

Today, September 12th, we take a collective deep breath, and press on…»



The Lincoln style revival has taken its time getting started, but it looks like it’s finally coming around.

This “Abe” stove pipe hat from Quintin is part of the larger 21st century Abe project, which brings artists together to celebrate Lincoln’s mark on contemporary times. There’s a handful of artists and musicians involved—including The National’s Bryce Dressler—but so far this is the only style item.

The brim gets an update, and it comes equipped with a historic note from the man stuffed in the ample top in true Lincoln style…but the appeal is still a bit more historical than sartorial. Is it too much to ask for a commemorative suit?

The Great Emancipator


Apparently the Lincoln revival is in full swing. He's already meriting a mini-film festival and apparently there’s a Spielberg bio in the works. Hopefully he can keep it short of Che-length, but the real question is who gets to step into Lincoln’s abnormally large shoes. It’s good news for emancipation-chic, but it remains to see whether the look will get any further than the set.

Then again, we’ve always thought the stovepipe hat was due for a comeback.

Land of Lincoln


There’s been a lot of talk about Barack Obama as a style icon and there have been more than a few Lincoln comparisons, but so far nobody’s bothered to connect the dots.

Kottke tipped us off to this shot of the well-coiffed statesman, but there’s a lot more to like here than just his hair. Check out the peak-but-not-too-peak lapels, the floppy cravat, and the duster-style double-breasted jacket, for starters. And given the proliferation of ironic facial hair, we’re amazed the chinstrap hasn’t had more of a revival.

We call it “emancipation-chic.”