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Sweep the Hand

  • Najib Benouar

via Hodinkee

Regrettably, we’ve been noticing less and less wall clocks these days—now that everything from ovens to computers has digital readouts—but there’s something deeply reassuring about being able to look up at any moment and measure your day to the exact second. Here to bring back that feeling: this sleek replica of a standard-issue 1960s IBM clock from the retronauts at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.—who’ve done one better by replacing the need to plug it in (the raised outlet might be nearer to extinction than the wall clock itself) with one C battery and a wall mount that’ll hang anywhere you like.

Just above the chalkboard should do.

The Ties of Yore


An Affordable Wardrobe launched their online shop over the weekend, and we couldn’t resist a quick dip into the world of pennywise vintage. As with all thrifting, good judgment is key (the useful-seeming junk in someone else's closet can easily become the useful-seeming junk in your closet), but there are plenty of gems to be found—especially if you’ve got room in your closet for a few more unorthodox ties.

We’d start with this one, a densely patterned relic of the LBJ-era neckwear. The style might be familiar from some of Hill Side’s recent projects, but this one’s a full three inches wide, and the colors are a good deal darker than the Corsillo Brothers’ Hawaiian variations. The rules for pulling it off are mostly the same—a button-down oxford and the simplest odd-jacket you’ve got—but if you’ve got a velvet smoking jacket handy, now might be the time.